chicken feminism

The words “Bacon’, ‘Beef’, and 'Pork’ are to speciecism what
'Nigger’ and "paki’ are to racism;
'Slut’ and 'bitch’ are to misogyny
'faggot’ and 'dyke’ are to homophobia:
 Derogatory terms used by the oppressors to alienate the oppressed, making them harder to empathize with, and easier to disregard.

 In reality, they are pigs and cows: individuals whose flesh we eat

—  wi†ch ~ ramblings of a psychovegan

Seeing as it’s Easter, I’ve added three new hens to my little flock, taking the total up to eight. That’s a lot of eggs for two people but it means I will have a constant supply of eggs all year round plus plenty to sell during the spring and summer. I’m planning on adding two or three more each year or so to replace any casualties to maintain the flock at around 8 - 10 hens.

The handsome blue/grey lady is Mary Wollstonecraft, a Bluebell hybrid. The smaller pair are Ada Lovelace and Aphra Behn, Cream Legbars who will lay pale blue eggs in about a month’s time when they’ve grown a bit bigger. I’ve had some of these attractive birds before and they are a bit feisty but good foragers and fun to have around. They’re an old pure breed with that is “autosexing”, that is the male and female chicks are different colours from the day they are hatched.

If you don’t already recognise where I’ve got their names from, I urge you to look up these inspirational women from history.

When someone tells you to shut the fuck up in response to an ignorant question have you ever thought about this:

Maybe they’re tired of having to convince people that oppression exists.  

You all accept that the earth is round and revolves around the sun while hurtling through space but you can’t accept systemic oppression.

Dinosaurs walked the earth, but the idea that women are oppressed is just too far.

I mean, yeah, scientists have done tons of math an experiments and things to prove it over and over, but let’s say you don’t understand that math.  Because these people study science and are respected in their field you accept those conclusions.  

So why can’t you accept the conclusions not only of people who study this and are well respected in their field but people who live these experiences.  People who go through this daily in varying degrees of severity?  

So when you come to a random person’s inbox and try to be all “but ___________” and come up with some argument you think they’ve never heard before, have you considered that they have and that they are EXHAUSTED explaining the same conclusion over and over again to people who just won’t listen.  There are articles, journals, and entire books dedicated to this subject matter.  Maybe read some of those before showing up with your half baked argument.

stoickgotrunoverbyanightfur-blog  asked:

did you know that when erin pizzey said that men suffer from domestic abuse & that women weren't the sole victims of abuse, her entire family was threatened by feminists , they shot her dog & led the police to put her mail through a bomb squad before driving her out of Britain, & that shit like that continues to this day? are you aware that the leaders of feminism that does more than everyone else in the movement & are highly respected by feminists, are actually sexist?

I know that Erin Pizzey is an MRA who works with AVFM and has said that women are responsible for their abuse.  I also know that I have yet to come across any proof that Pizzey received threats from feminists.  I also know that I and mod Elena have been heavily involved in the feminist movement for over 15 years each and have never come across a feminist who has made a threat against another person who wasn’t an abuser/rapist.  I also know that MRAs and “egalitarians” have such unconvincing and non-factual based arguments and ideals that they need to portray feminists as violent screaming harpies in order to discredit the movement.  I also know that the femnist movement has done more for male victims of violence than the Men’s rights misogynists could ever think of doing.  No movement is without fault, there may be some bad eggs, but that doesn’t mean you kill the chicken.