chicken eggs

without exception

I am still

not very interested
in argument

the chicken nor
the egg

as far as
linear ordinal

I know

in order to
stop judging
and start loving

you have to be
past judging and
well into loving

it simply
does not

any other


#9 - “Wydmuszki” [read at like vydmushki?? Idk xD]

If you don’t know wydmuszki are chicken eggs decorated for Easter, but without the inside, so more like empty decorated egg shells really… I think xD

This is also how I call my friends from new school, mostly because talking with them sometimes is like talking to empty shells :v xD So I tried to draw them, but as it turned out I don’t really have any good references except two random photos… so this doesn’t really look like them xD

@kaijoart @violinking , don’t kill me for this xD


この卵はぼくのじゃない 〜 シルクロード【Fischer's】

This egg isn’t mine 〜 シルクロード【Fischer's】

A vegan’s confession about backyard eggs

Okay… So I’ve gotten asks before about whether it’s okay to eat eggs from your backyard chickens. And I’ve answered these to the best of my ability - which means I looked at what other people (vegans) had to say about this and picked the one that made the most sense to me. In short - the answer was no.

But guess what - I have two rescued hens living with me now. I can now give you my personal opinion on the subject based on actual experience. And honestly - my opinion has changed drastically.

So to all the over-reacting, unrelenting vegans out there - calm your fucking tits. Hopefully I don’t get kicked out of the elite vegan club for doing this. 

First I want to share this recipe - first time I’ve used eggs after 10 years! Pretty exciting.

2 eggs (only from your chickens!)
2 Tbsp oatmeal
0.5 tsp flax seed
some kale

1. Mix it all together and wait 10 mins.

2. Fry it in a pan - no oil!

3. Lookin’ good!

4. Now feed it to the ladies who actually laid the goddamn eggs.

Oh, haha, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lead you on! What a funny misunderstanding.

Okay, let’s get serious. What’s in an egg?

Modern hens have been bred to produce a lot - a lot - of eggs. With every egg their bodies are drained of nutrients - iron, vitamin D, vitamin A, phosphorus, thiamine, riboflavin and huge amounts of calcium (eggshell). But not only that - laying an egg nearly every day is exhausting. It’s hard fucking work. 

So I think… the least you can do is give her the egg back. It’s not just the nutrients - they really, really love to eat them. Making them a delicious snack (out of something that was theirs in the first place) isn’t a perfect way for saying “sorry for breeding your species into an egg-making machine that is very rarely viewed as anything else,” but it’s something. It’s definitely a better sorry than eating their eggs yourself.

Eggs are not good for your health. They are easily replaced in recipes. Oh, and they’re pretty gross:

But most importantly - they’re not yours. 

I know you love your chickens. Even if you eat their eggs, I know you love them. If you rescued a hen, you did a wonderful thing and I thank you for it. 

But please, try. Try to transform the way you view them. You do not expect your cat to give you anything in return - why are your hens the only ones in your animal-family who have to pay for membership?

The very act, concept of eating an egg is what caused my two hens to be born into hell - a factory farm. So no, I will never eat their eggs.

And what I said at the beginning of this post, vegans - to calm your tits? Do not calm your tits. Ever. 

Buying organic eggs doesn’t change this. Male chicks are useless to the industry because they don’t lay eggs. They are unprofitable (just like male calves in the dairy industry) and therefor killed within the first week of hatching. 

The legal methods of killing baby chicks worldwide are: electrocution, shredding in an industrial grinder, cervical dislocation (breaking their neck), death by gas and suffocation in bags.

And not only that; but supporting this industry also means supporting the poultry/meat industry because all laying hens get sent to slaughter once their productiveness drops and they are no longer profitable.

“Free-range”, “organic” or regular, the egg industry is one of the most cruel forms of animal exploitation. Please don’t support it.

Inktober Day 14

This is an emu egg. One emu egg weighs about two pounds, or the equivalent of roughly 12 chicken eggs. Size, however, isn’t the only trait that sets emu eggs apart. Their stunning, emerald color makes them one of the most striking eggs on the planet. The blue-green hue is for camouflage. Emus lay their eggs in the grass and the color keeps them hidden from other animals. (Source)