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Travel Tuesday: Watershed on Peachtree in Atlanta has undergone a number of changes, but new chef Joe Truex knew not to mess with Scott Peacock’s legendary fried chicken. Brined in buttermilk and fried in ham hock-flavored fry fat, the crisp, golden, utterly addictive chicken is now served both at lunch and dinner on Wednesdays—and sold out usually by 7:30pm. 

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Wings and Starlight Part 2

Hi! This is part 2 of my ACOTAR kids fanfiction! I decided to name it “Wings and Starlight”. I am not entirely sure how long this will be but I hope you enjoy the characters as much as I do! Thank you to all that liked, reblogged and left comments on the first one, you guys really inspired me to continue it! Thank you to @twinklefaerie12 @crazybookladythings @and-re123 @lenamikk-blog @dreamworld-1997 @subtle-glare

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At the sound of the door bell ringing, Rhys grew a roguish grin across his face as he saw his only daughter slightly blush at the impending meeting that was about to happen. “This should be good!” Cassian teased as all three of the brothers stood up at once to go greet the next guest. Everyone in the room could make a good guess who was waiting on the other side of the front door as even Feyre and Mor shared a glance at each other which clearly stated they knew how the three brothers would act around the young boy. Honestly, it was quite cute how his mate and cousin loved the boy as one of their own.

Layla, stepped out of Briana’s embrace, smiling sweetly and suggested “I will get it.”. Rhys knew Layla wanted to greet her best friend, after all, the four friends hadn’t been together for ten months with Rhydian busy in the Illyrian camps training, but his brothers, always the protective uncles, made sure they were the ones who did it. Aidan straightened next to his twin, also clearly enjoying the amusing, blushed face adorned by Layla. He was just as protective over Layla as him but he had a definite soft spot for his friend. His sassy daughter liked to call them “typical territorial fae men” and constantly reminded everyone that they were best friends.


“No, that’s alright. Your Uncles and I will go, you just stay here and catch up with the others,” Rhys suggested to Layla and his smile grew again as she reluctantly nodded and slumped against one of the dining room chairs. She always got annoyed when they did this even when she was, as was Rhydian, total oblivious to what was between them. His family had already started placing bets on whether it was true or not…

He hoped so. He had the biggest bet and would certainly lose the most money if his suspicions were wrong.

Hooking his arms around Cass and Az’s shoulders, Rhys turned from his family sat together round the table and exclaimed, “Come on, let’s not leave the poor boy out in the cold all night.” As they entered the hall, his fae ears could quietly hear Briana and Aidan moving to sit next to Layla at the table, the former re-entering the conversation about Layla’s dress. His daughter truly was as magnificent as her mother. Reaching the door, Cassian and Azriel fixed the fingerless gauntlets which positioned their siphons on top of their hands. Rhys gave them both a quick glance as he opened the wooden door. Rhydian was stood on the lowest step wearing some fine shirt and black, smart trousers, both highlighting his muscular figure.

“Hello Rhydian,”

“Hello High Lord” spoke the young man as he also nodded to his companions.

“No need for such formalities, I have told you before, Rhydian, you can call me Rhys.” To be honest, he liked the boy and after what he did for Layla last year… no, he promised his daughter he would stop fussing over her. Cassian and Azriel straightened and made it visibly known they were trained Illyrian warriors. Giving Rhydian credit, he only slightly gulped and to put him out of his misery Rhys announced, “Let’s go inside, they’re waiting in the dining room.”

Layla circled her finger around her drink glass as Briana finished telling her about an encounter she had in a boutique in Velaris. She lightly laughed at her story, only Briana would be able to trick a star stricken shopkeeper into reducing the clothes prices. However, Layla was only half listening. She just wanted to see Rhydian; she hadn’t seen him in ages. She just wanted her friend. She admired her amazing unique family and realised she would never change it for the entire world. Her twin to the left of her was quietly talking with Varian and Amren, her cousin to the right chatting with Mor opposite her and her mother was just carefully watching Layla. Nesta was at the head of the table next to Amren still unwilling to let anyone else hold court but the space opposite her was empty and left for Rhydian. As she thought about him, the door opened and he walked in.

Layla threw back her chair and reached Rhydian first, outrunning Aidan and Briana and threw her arms around him, releasing a small happy cry, as he picked her up and spun her around. Her family all were grinning at them but she didn’t care, all she cared about was the chestnut-haired boy in her arms. He was tall – much taller than her – and easily scooped her up. “I missed you too my Petite l’etoile” Rhydian chuckled. Petite L’etoile. It was his favourite nickname for her.

Little Star.

Finally pulling out of his embrace, Layla stared into his rich hazel eyes wishing he would never have to leave her alone again. He had stayed for a couple of months after what happened last year but had to leave and return to the Illyrian camp; she hadn’t seen him since.

“You look great Rhy,” Cassian coughed and Layla shot him a glare that would have sent lesser males running. In return, Cassian and Mor both began moaning how hungry they were, competing against each other to see who was hungrier. Layla smiled at Rhydian and then reclaimed the seat she had been perched on. Aidan and Rhydian shared a clap on the back and Briana hugged him tightly before all the family finally sat down for the long-awaited dinner.

With a click of his fingers, Rhys made various dishes appear along the table: Roast chicken, seasoned vegetables and crisp potatoes. No one wasted anytime digging in, even Amren, who to Rhys’ surprise adapted to real food pretty quickly. In Rhys’ opinion, Cassian definitely won the hunger contest, his brother ate like a pig! Minute past with everyone making polite conversation, mostly Layla questioning Rhydian about the Illyrian camps. Rhys was continuing to collaborate with the camp lords maintaining fair equality but occasionally they forgot who was their High Lord…

“So, Rhydian, are you ready for the Rite?” Azriel asked. Both Aidan and Rhydian were entering the vicious contest to be initiated into Illyrian society. While Feyre had almost refused to let their son take part, Aidan announced he wanted to follow in his father and Uncles footsteps and would do no less.  Looking at how Layla and Briana shared a nervous look at each other, he knew they followed Feyre’s sentiment. He understood though. His daughter and niece loved the boys and hated that they would be parted and couldn’t do anything to help them.

“Yes, I believe so, I beat the camp lord’s son in training last week so I am hopeful,” At that, Layla looked up at Rhydian. Picking fights with arrogant camp lord offspring was not a clever idea before the Rite, it just made you higher on the kill list. Rhydian understood Layla’s worried expression and added, “But Aidan and I will battle across the mountain to find each other.” Cassian gave a nod of appreciation as Rhys could remember, quite vividly, the three of them saying something similar.

“Of course, we will brother,” Aidan replied- midway through eating some chicken, “We will be unstoppable.” At that, Layla visibly calmed and continued eating. All the adults smiled, no doubt thinking how much money they had on the bet.

Dinner past quickly and they all retired to the living room, drinking wine. Rhys could tell the four friends wanted to catch up together on their own and apparently so did Nesta. “Why don’t the four of you head out into the city. We can clear everything up here.” A smile appeared on each of their faces and Layla’s magnificent eyes shone with hope. He didn’t want to be over protective of her but… he didn’t enjoy letting her leave late at night to go partying, not after last year. Suddenly, Feyre stroked down his mental shields and he lowered them fully for her.

Come on, don’t go all territorial over her, she is allowed some fun.

I know, I just want to look after her.

And you can, from inside. Go on, she has Aidan and Rhydian and you can see how much the twins want to talk with him. They haven’t seen each other in such a long time.

Fine, my darling.

“Have fun you guys and be careful!” Rhys half joked. With a quick peck on the cheek and a quiet thank you, Layla sauntered off to join her friends. The four of them, linking arms and laughing, left the town house to enjoy Velaris with the moon and stars looking down upon them. Completely inseparable.

That was part 2! What do you think of Rhydian? I can’t wait to get more into his character! Please, please, please leave a comment! It would make my day! Thanks for reading!

Manners - Trio (drabble)

A day late and a dollar short for posting this. ‘Tis my fault for being elbows deep in editing 6K. Tagging @trademarkblue since this was her idea.

Hermione followed Ron to a table in the Ministry cafeteria. She came into work early these days, to share breakfast with him. Well, because he worked nights as an apprentice Auror, it was his dinner, and the cafeteria staff had no qualms giving him sandwiches and chips at 8am.

He sat down first and removed his plate with a chicken salad sandwich, crisps, an apple, and a cup of tea while she put down her bowl of berries and porridge with a cup of coffee.

“So,” Ron spoke with his mouth full of sandwich, “I might be going out on a mission later in the week. We have a lead on chasing down Avery and they think I can handle going out with Auror Williamson. So they say, I’ll be gone a week, probably.”

Hermione watched him eat with gusto, listening intently while also fighting down the gnawing anxiety gripping her heart. “You’re going out with your Senior, right? Not on your own?”

“I won’t be on my own, not for another two months, probably.”

“He’s full of shit,” Harry saddled up in the chair next to Ron, smirking at him before stealing a piece of fruit off of Hermione’s plate. “Williamson barely runs things when Ron’s there.”

“Don’t worry Hermione, ya git. She worries enough for all of us.”

Harry snagged half of Ron’s sandwich and tucked in. “You know you’re ready for the promotion. I dunno why you’ve not been offered it yet.”

“Harry, has anyone pointed out to you that taking food from another person’s plate is a sure-fire way to have a fork stuck in your hand?” Hermione said.

“I know Ron won’t bite me. Besides,” Harry shoved the rest of the half-sandwich in his mouth, chewing hard, “he’ll go home and have another dinner. This is a snack for him.”

“Yes, I know,” she sighed. “He tells me often when we both have off at the same time.”

“Don’t blame me, Hermione,” Ron ate the last crisp. “Today was training day and we were at it for hours,” he whigned. “I didn’t get lunch.”

“It was rough today,” Harry snagged another piece of fruit from Hermione’s bowl and missed being forked by a half-second. “Damn it, Hermione. It’s not like you’re going to eat everything there.”

“You need to learn to ask before taking things, Harry.” She put her fork down and picked up another piece of apple and nibbled on it. “I thought we’d taught you better than that.”

“Yeah, mate. Why didn’t you buy your own dinner?”

“I,” he looked down at the table, “I left my wallet and coin bag at home. Ginny, she was – “

“N’ermind. I don’t want to know. But you and I are stopping at the chicken place near the flat and you’re buying dinner.”


“And have him get me a salad with chicken for my dinner,” Hermione added.

Harry frowned.

“That’s what you get for nicking food from us, Harry. It’s called manners.”

anonymous asked:

Can you post your favorite recipes? I need some good things to cook!

Hiya Anon! I was suppose to have already done this for @525600choices​ and I have just not gotten around to it! So let me go ahead and do that right now!

My favourite recipes





I am sure there are some I am not thinking of right now, or maybe even some of my own recipes that I can’t think of off the top of my head because it feels conceited to list my own recipes Hahahaha!

You might be able to find more recipes, or pictures of what the food has looked like when I have made it by checking out my Keto Tag

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have more questions or are looking for a keto replacement recipe in particular for a classic favourite of yours!


PRINGLES GONE CRAY-CRAY… P.S. I am aware some of these are U.S. Holiday flavors… P.P.S I am not very fond of that whole “Cray-Cray” thing. 

  • Soft-shell crab
  • Seaweed
  • Indonesian Satay
  • Bangkok Grilled Chicken Wing
  • Blueberry & Hazelnut
  • Grilled Shrimp
  • Pumpkin Pie Spice
  • White Chocolate Peppermint
  • Cinnamon Sugar
  • Sausage
  • Pigs In Blankets
  • Hong Kong Fishball
  • Bacon Caesar Salad
  • Tandoori Chicken
  • Aromatic Crispy Chicken
  • Milky Shoyu Butter
  • Smoked Salami
  • Spareribs
  • Cheese Dog
  • BBQ Chicken


Sam waits. He sips at his peach iced tea and picks at his crisp chicken Caesar salad.

Dean and Cas aren’t half so subtle as they think they are. Sam can tell that they’re holding hands beneath the table, though he knows that they don’t think he so much as suspects. 

 Sam’s not that oblivious. He’s almost offended that they think that he could have missed the longing looks, the stolen kisses, the noise coming from Dean’s bedroom some nights- 

Well, he really could have done without the last one, please and thank you. 

But the point is: Sam is not oblivious and he hasn’t been for a while. There’s no confusion tying his stomach in knots, no wondering ‘why did Dean bring us to a nice restaurant instead of a rundown diner’, no anxiety over whatever ‘bombshell’ Dean is obviously gearing up to drop.

Sam’s just excited. It’s been difficult, pretending not to notice Dean and Cas ‘sneaking’ around, trying to subtly give them space to be a couple without making it obvious he knew. Sam’s never seen his brother so happy; he’s never seen Dean so in love.

And he knows his brother. Anything that makes Dean this happy has to scare the shit out of him. 

Sam can’t say for sure if Dean’s scared because Cas is a guy (or at least is wearing one) or if it’s because Cas isn’t human, or even because Cas is it for Dean in a way that even Lisa wasn’t.

In any case, it wasn’t something Dean was ready to let Sam know, and Sam wasn’t willing to risk butting in and accidentally stomping all over something so important.

Now finally - finally - it looks like months of playing dumb and frequent trips to the library were paying off.

“So,” Dean says. He clears his throat and studies the wood grain on the table. Sam waits.

“So,” he prompts, when it seems like Dean won’t continue. 

 “Dean and I-” Cas starts, only to be interrupted by Dean. 

“We, uh… Cas and I have something we want to tell you,” Dean says. Dean shoots a quick look at Cas, who responds with a gentle smile. It’s just a slight upturn of his lips, but there’s a fondness in his eyes that would’ve given the game away right then and there even if Sam didn’t already know. Sam can’t help but smile.

He remembers when he first saw Cas staring at his brother that way, years ago. It’s kind of reassuring to see that that look hadn’t wavered.

“Oh?” Sam says, trying to keep the excitement from his voice. Cas squints suspiciously, but Dean’s apparently too nervous to notice.

“Yeah,” Dean says. He clears his throat again. “Cas and I… we’re together.”

It’s all Sam can do to keep a huge grin from breaking out across his face.

“Like… together-together?” he asks. Dean looks up from the table, red dusted across his cheeks and climbing up his ears. Dean takes one look at Sam and Sam can’t help it; he grins broadly, barely stifling chuckles as Dean goes from suspicious to shell-shocked.

“You knew,” Dean says accusingly. “How long?”

“A few months?” Sam hazards a guess. Cas looks surprised, darting a glance from Sam to Dean. Dean just stares, open mouthed, then pulls his anger around him like a shield.

“And you didn’t say anything, Sherlock?” Dean grumbles, bristling with righteous indignation. Sam gives him a pointed glance.

“Neither did you.” Sam sips his tea. Dean’s irritation visibly dissipates. He rubs the back of his neck with the hand not currently holding Castiel’s beneath the table.

“Guess not,” Dean mutters. Sam takes pity on him.

“I’m happy for you,” he says. He looks at Cas. “For both of you, I really am. You two are great for each other, and I’m happy you were comfortable enough to tell-”

“Okay, that’s enough,” Dean says, his face bright red. There’s a smile tugging at his lips, though, nervous and embarrassed, and Sam grins.

“It’s the truth, though,” he says. Cas gives him a small smile, gratitude in his eyes.

“Thank you, Sam,” Cas says. He gently tugs his and Dean’s joined hands up to rest on the top of the table and looks proudly at their entwined fingers, like he can imagine no greater happiness than being allowed to openly hold Dean’s hand.

Dean looks at him, then at their joined hands on display for all to see, and just smiles and squeezes Cas’s hand.

Sam feels like he just witnessed a miracle. He’s grinning so hard he doesn’t think he can drink his tea, grinning so hard he feels like his face might split open.

Toritake, Tokyo

They say that in New York, if you want to find a good, cheap place to eat, you ask a cab driver. In Tokyo, you ask anyone that works in the manga/anime industry. And that’s how I ended up at TORITAKE in Shibuya, with some of my friends from Bones, where many artists and animators gather to eat, drink and blow off steam at all hours of the day and night in Shibuya…

It’s a yakitori joint with an open kitchen that faces out to the street as they run a booming takeout business as well…

Toritake has a cramped downstairs counter, but I recommend trying to score a table upstairs, which is still small, but will get you a little more space…

They have a pretty wide-ranging chicken menu, as you would expect, but their other specialty, surprisingly, is eel!

We stuck with chicken though, like their crisp, grilled skin…

The chicken stuffed shishito peppers…

The negima, which they simply call “yakitori”…

And my favorite, bonjiri or chicken butt, which is called “bonboji” here as they butcher it a little differently leaving on some extra surrounding meat…

Oh, there was also an amuse bouche of minced chicken braised with mountain potatoes…

Some tsukemo, or pickled vegetables, as a palate cleanser…

Before we moved into a wonderful dashi-based chicken hot pot…

Toritake ain’t fancy, but it’s amazing food for the prices! And you better get there early, as the lines get long.


1-6-1 Dogenzaka

Shibuya, Tokyo