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Lucky || Camryn+Jorden
  • Jorden: was grading the papers from her last class when she got a text back from Camryn. She unlocked her phone and laughed at the text, rolling her eyes at another smart ass comment from the girl. She really liked them, even if Cam thought she might not. Since Jorden found out what Camryn was doing in free time, she just wanted to spend as much time with the girl, especially since she'd be leaving for basic training within a matter of months. Jorden felt like she was being clingy and she hated herself for that, but for some reason Cam was the only thing she could think of lately. She even looks in the direction of her desk during each class, and waits for a stupid joke whenever she'd say something with double meaning. She was starting to care too much for the girl and was scared she didn't feel the same way. Especially after the last time they were together. Cam had made her feel more than amazing, and she just couldn't let it go. So when Cam said she could stop by, Jo packed everything on her desk, picked up her purse and left the building towards the parking lot. Her black Range Rover was waiting for her where she left it that morning, and she quickly climbed onto the driver's seat, throwing her purse into the passenger seat and buckling up. She put the address on her GPS since she had no idea where it was and left the parking lot, to go look for the girl. Jorden stopped by to buy Cam a chicken sandwich and fries before making her way towards the Walmart the girl had told her about. She parked in the lot and texted the girl she was waiting for her before turning off her car and stepping out.
Cameron Dallas Imagine (Part Four)

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Cam sighed with a grin and pouty eyes on his face as he looked at you. He changes into sweats and pulls his shirt over his head. Of course you seen Cam shirtless in pictures, but in real life, everything went all fuzzy. You couldnt help but stare.

“eh hm.” Cam coughed with a smirk across his face causing you to stop staring at him and turn to the other side of the bed facing away from Cam. Cam jumped to the side of the bed which you were facing.

“Night y/n.” cam whispered while pulling the blanket on top of himself and you.

After about a few minutes, you couldn’t go to sleep. You reached across the bed to get your phone from your bag on the ground to check the time.

the brightness of your phone made your eyes flutter. 11:47pm you said to yourself as you read the time on your phone. you lost balance on the bed and your head hit the nightstand as you fell off the bed.

“Fuck!” you quietly screamed as you rubbed your head in pain. Cam woke up from the bang he heard from you falling. He quickly turned the lamp on and jumped from the bed and came over to your side of the bed.

“Shit! what the fuck happened?” Cam said while searching for any injuries. I fucking rode a unicorn and jumped off. i fucking fell duh!” you said in an attitude. “Sorry, my head just fucking hurts.” you apologize to him. Cam gets up and grabs a towel. He rubs your injury, which was on the left top corner of your forehead. As Cam removed the towel you spotted some blood on it before he could fold it up.

“AM I FUCKING BLEEDING?” you screamed as you took the towel from cam and unfolded it. “Yeah, but its okay, your not bleeding a lot. How the fuck did this happen.” Cam asked. “I dont even want to explain..” you said turning red from embarrassment. “Aha , okay. Well im hungry. Want to go to taco bell or something?” Cam asked you while getting up and helping you up also. “Its passed midnight and you want to get taco bell?” you said laughing. “Hell yeah, you know what, your going anyways.” cam said.

Cam picked you up and threw you over his shoulder and you hit his back to put you down.

“Cam!! its 12 in the morning! put me down! Cammm dallassssss.” you screamed into his back. He put you down and intertwined your fingers together, swinging your guys’ hands back and forth in between you guys.

He runs to the car dragging you along. Cams opens the door for you and closes it. he runs to the other side of the car and starts the car up.

“What do you want from taco bell? Im craving me some chicken enshhhhhhilladasss.” Cam says as you guys laugh. “I want 4 soft tacos, meat!” you say as you grab Cam’s hand. “Eww! soft tacos are gross! I like hard tacos.” Cam says as he starts to accelerate the car. “Whatever.” you say slapping his stomach.

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The Holiday: A Cameron Dallas Story (part 6)

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Once I got back into the room I took off my wet bikini and slipped on a baggy t-shirt and tied my hair in a messy bun. I plugged my phone into my travel speakers and put my chilled playlist on.

I woke up to hear knocking on the door. Disorientated I stood up and walked to the door, it was Mum and Emily returning from the pool. It was 5:30 so I decided to get in the shower to wake myself up. I walked into the bathroom, locked the door and turned the shower on. My hair was disgustingly curly because I’d slept with it damp in a messy bun so I had to untangle it before washing it. I spend waaaay too long in the shower so about half an hour later I realised it was probably time to get out.

It was 6:15 by the time I was stood infront of my wardrobe practically having a breakdown because I couldn’t decide what to wear. Instead of stressing myself out I decided to dry my hair and do my makeup first. I hate wearing makeup on holiday so I just put some basic makeup on with eyeliner and mascara. I blow dried my hair so it stayed slightly wavy but I didn’t straighten it. Now, what the hell was I gunna wear?! So far Cam had seen me in yoga pants and a jumper and my bikini so I felt like I had to impress him this time. I ended up picking a sundress which was quite short but not too revealing, teamed with white sandals and a floral headband. I looked in the mirror one last time when I heard my mum

“Ready Bethany? You look lovely darling”

I smiled over to her

“Thanks mum! Yup just finished we going now?”

“Yeah its 5 to 7”

I grabbed my bag and sunglasses as we headed out the door. I was weirdly nervous about seeing Cam again. I’d been with him all day; I was with him a few hours ago for god’s sake! I think it was just different because he’s never seen me make any kind of effort with my appearance so I suppose it meant a lot. We got to the bar first and ordered our drinks. I sat there with my cocktail, nervously sipping. I checked my phone and realised I had a text back from Brooke


I laughed as I put my phone back in my bag. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see Cam standing behind me smiling down at me. Is it possible for someone to become even better good looking in like 3 hours? He looked so good; he was wearing black vans with shorts and a burgundy t-shirt.

“Hi” I said whilst smiling

“Hi to you too” he smirked back. We locked eyes and I just couldn’t look away. Gina broke our contact when she started talking

“Sorry we’re late, Cam took FOREVER to get ready, sometimes I wonder if he’s part teenage girl”

I couldn’t help but laugh; I looked over at Cam unable to stop laughing as he looked at his mum

“Yeah, cheers for that Mum!”

Once we’d finished our drinks we decided to head over to the restaurant in the hotel complex. There were other restaurants around but they took about 10 minutes to walk to and we were all feeling too lazy after our day of travelling. My family sat one side of the table and Cam’s the other side so our Mums were facing each other, Lawrie and Emily were facing each other and so were me and Cam. We all sat there making basic chit chat until the waiter came over and handed us the menus.

“Everything sounds so good I dunno what to get!” I thought out loud as I scanned the menu

“Ugh I know, I know whatever I get I’ll get food envy of everyone else’s meal anyway”

“So will I Cam!”

We finally ordered and I chose a chicken pasta dish while Cam decided on a pizza. After a period of more chatting, our food arrived. We all tucked in and the food was delicious.

“Your pasta looks so good Bethany”

“It’s amazing! Here try some…”

I put a couple of pieces of pasta and chicken onto a fork and placed it in front of Cams mouth. He took the food from my fork and hummed in pleasure.

“God that is good, I should have got that! Do you wanna try some of my pizza?”

“Yeah go on then”

Cam cut a mouthful out of one of the slices of pizza and placed his fork in front of my mouth.

“Ooh that is nice!” I smiled up at him

I know it sounds weird because I’d barely even known Cam for a day and also our families were with us but I kind of felt like I was on a date with him. When I was with him nothing else around us seemed to matter. I sat there in silence for a couple of minutes just taking in everything about Cam’s appearance: his perfectly chiselled bone structure, his thick brown hair, his ridiculously muscly figure. He. Is. Gorgeous. I would have never pictured my first dinner on Holiday to be sat opposite Cameron Dallas. Wow.

side note: sorry this parts a bit boring its a bit of a filler chapter but I hope you enjoyed it! let me know what you guys think of this part and all the other parts so far! ily x