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The 100 | Season 3: New favorite relationships (Otp, Brotp, ship etc…) [1/3]

Briller - Nathan Miller x Bryan

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Why isn't ryro and bren's ship name Bryan it should be Bryan

bc bryan is the name of someone who drags his friends to walmart to buy a new video game but then gets hung up for hours browsing the deodorant section and the liquor aisle even though he isnt old enough to buy alcohol but he keeps picking up bottles and reading the labels as if he’s genuinely interested in purchasing it and then he goes to check out but doesn’t have his money ready and spends five minutes digging his wallet out of his camo cargo shorts before paying the cashier in exact change, and the line behind him and his friends is getting really long and the other customers are getting irritated because goddamn it this is the “10 items or less express” lane and they have to get home to their mother in law who made them a nice chicken dinner but the Bryan guy takes forever to check out and then when he’s leaving in the parking lot he sees a girl walking in to the store and he catcalls her and fistbumps his friends who are still irritated that he spent two hours in a store and only spent $20 before they get to their car where they break out their vape pens and listen to the latest Fetty Wap album

that’s why.

The Drunkalypse Recap/Review: 4.01 "Two Swords"

OVERALL RATING: 4/5 Tyrions in a barrel

A season premiere that brought the viewer back into the fold with some decent character development and an eye on the rest of the season; plenty of foreshadowing and recognizable events on the horizon for those who know the story. Better than a lot of Season 3.


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