chicken brats

EXO’s reaction when you give them the silent treatment after a fight

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This daddy will use aegyo to make you smile and eventually talk to him. But please don’t fight with him. He already has to deal with 11,*silent sobs* 8 idiots everyday so please have mercy on him.


he ain’t goin down without a fight bro. “Geulae, two can play this game.”


Yi Xing? Why would you ever fight with a fluffy unicorn?


You think that you will be giving him the silent treatment? Oh, no. It’s the other way around.


At first he will be like “ oh no u didn’t.” but he is a sweetheart so he will soon apologize.


He will cry so don’t give him the silent treatment. Don’t even fight with him. Homie is ugly when he cries.


the kid is gonna stare right into your soul until u talk to him. 


“I don’t need you. I got chicken.”


This little brat? He will either whine or aegyo u to death. or maybe even both. he danger bro.


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1975-2001 R.I.P.

1. Intro
2. Aaliyah ft Treach - A girl like you
3. Boot camp clik ft Aaliyah - Night riders / 9th wonder rmx
4. Aaliyah - Are you ready
5. Junior M.I.F.I.A. ft Aaliyah - I need you tonight
6. Aaliyah - Down with the clique
7. Aaliyah - Throw your hands up
8. Aaliyah - Everything’s gonna be alright
9. Missy Elliott ft Aaliyah & Da Brat - Stickin’ chickens
10. Aaliyah - If your girl only knew
11. Aaliyah - If your girl only knew rmx
12. Aaliyah ft DMX - Back in one piece
13. Nas ft Aaliyah - You wont see me tonight
14. Aaliyah - Extra smooth
15. Aaliyah - Try Again
16. Aaliyah - Rock the boat
17. Aaliyah - Giving you more
18. Aaliyah - Hot like fire
19. Aaliyah - Hot like fire rmx
20. Aaliyah - More than a woman
21. Aaliyah - Back and forth
22. Aaliyah - I’m so into you
23. Aaliyah ft Slick Rick - Got to give it up
24. Aaliyah - U got nerve
25. Timbaland ft Aaliyah & Missy Elliott - John blaze
26. Aaliyah - Beats 4 da streets
27. Timbaland & Magoo ft Aaliyah & Missy - Man undercover
28. Missy Elliott ft Aaliyah - Best friend
29. Ginuwine ft Aaliyah - Final warning
30. Timbaland & Magoo ft Missy Elliott & Aaliyah - Up jumps the boogie
31. Aaliyah - Are you that somebody
32. Aaliyah - We need a resolution
33. Aaliyah - Don’t know what to tell ya
34. Aaliyah - Read between the lines
35. Aaliyah - Are you feelin’ me
36. Aaliyah - Those were the days
37. Aaliyah - At your best rmx
38. Aaliyah ft Ginuwine - One in a million rmx
39. Aaliyah - Loose rap
40. Aaliyah - It’s whatever
41. Aaliyah ft Missy Elliott & Tweet - Where could he be
42. Aaliyah - Erica Kane
43. Aaliyah - Heartbroken
44. Aaliyah - Came to give love
45. Aaliyah - At your best
46. Aaliyah - Choosey lover
47. Aaliyah - Never comin’ back
48. Playa ft Aaliyah - One man woman
49. Aaliyah ft Rashad - Death of a playa’
50. Aaliyah - I don’t wanna
51. Aaliyah - Never no more
52. Aaliyah - One in a million
53. Aaliyah - 4 page letter
54. Aaliyah - I miss you
56. Aaliyah - My funny valentine
57. Aaliyah - Outro

Recorded LIVE in Los Angeles, CA 1.16.15
Mixed by DJ Ivy + Monte Christo

Made with SoundCloud

This meal is literally a knock off, a sham of one I grew up with: store bought frozen tamales instead of home made, rice-a-roni maxi rice instead of home made saffron rice, canned refried beans instead of hand mashed, fresh pinto beans. It barely tastes like one of the go to meals that my mom made while I was growing up, but it’s close, and it helps that I’m eating it off of the plates she passed down to me that remind me of home.

It’s also one of the first meals I tried to recreate as soon as I moved out; before steak and green beans, before rosemary potatoes, before risotto and chicken, before brats and grilled onions, before cedar planked salmon. It’s one of the first and only of all of those meals that I never had to call my mom to ask her about, because it’s so ingrained in my childhood that even with the knockoffs I knew exactly what to throw together, and I threw it together one night a year ago because I so desperately wanted a taste of home, and this is it. And for how much I call mom and ply her for her years of fine-tuned recipes and pour through her annotated cookbooks, I’m grateful that somehow, I picked this one up by heart along the way. And I’m sure once I get more on my feet and settled, I’ll finally move up from the rice-a-roni and frozen Trader Joe’s tamales, but for now, this is good, and when I dig into it, it tastes a little bit like I’m home.

I can literally describe every EXO member with just three words

Xiumin: Cheeks, muscles, baozi

Luhan: Princess, derp, manly

Kris: Cool, dork, UGH

Suho: Daddy, grandpa, money

Lay: Unicorn, dimple, angel

Baekhyun: Puppy, fingers, veins

Chen: Troll, jawline, voice

Chanyeol: Dara, ears, tower

D.O.: Devil, chef, lips

Tao: Gucci, panda, girl

Kai: Chicken, dogs, dance

Sehun: Brat, hair dye, yehet