chicken bowling

My fat stuffed belly after dinner

2 extra large pizza slices, pesto pasta with grilled turkey and a bowl of chicken soup. I know it’s an unusual craving but, I loved it. 

Even though I’m gaining weight my food babies still make me look more pregnant then anything else!


Yoo finally got to this request sorry for the time it took to reply. I had to make sure everything was in place

Age Range of kids: 4 - 6


  • Yoosung was coming back from the grocery store
  • b o i  he was ready to rest and cuddle with MC
  • turns out his plan was sidetracked 
  • when he walked in on Miyoung and MC having a mother-daughter bubble bath
  • Yoosung legit thought he walked in on something sacred 
  • he highkey really wanted to join in
  • his request was denied 
  • decided to sit and sulk till they finished
  • planned to kidnap MC to have a quick nap together
  • MC said she promised to read Miyoung a bedtime story
  • as a result MC woke to a very bitter Yoosung


  • Zen had planned to have a steamy weekend with MC by sending the kids to a sleepover
  • change of plans as Minhyuk ended up staying at home after catching the flu
  • cockblocked by his own son
  • MC was babying Minhyuk all day
  • the boi legit never left her arms
  • the lil shit had the smuggest face anytime Zen walked past
  • it was legit like
  • Hyuna wasn’t going to return till sunday night so Zen was in dire need of attention
  • instead of sucking it up Zen decided to pretend to have caught the flu too
  • MC spent the whole day looking after her babies
  • it was all working up until MC saw Minhyuk wrestling Zen for the last bowl of chicken soup
  • turns out they had both been faking
  • in the end Zen had to do chores for a week and Minhyuk was banned from cuddles for three days


  • Jaehee was returning from hell work
  • as soon she came in the door she was greeted by a giant mound of blankets and pillows
  • turns out Mc and Jihyo decided today was the perfect day to build a blanket fort
  • Jaehee expected to find the in two minutes
  • SIKE
  • the thing was like a labyrinth
  • after half an hour of searching Jaehee found them curled up watching The Little Mermaid
  • the scene was so cute
  • Jahee was in there like swimwear
  • family cuddle sessions are always 💯


  • jumin was not feeling the love
  • Joong Ki was at soccer (ugh I can’t believe I had to type that) 
  • MC had been dragged away by his daughters
  • when he tried to follow he was denied access at the door
  • Chaerin had declared that the girls of the house were having a private tea party
  • the betrayal is strong in this family 
  • Jumin is like
  • lol poor Jumin
  • highkey bitter
  • decides to mind his own business and get some work done
  • but like every five minutes he’s glancing at the door
  • he eventually decides to take a nap 
  • when he wakes up the whole family is tucked into the bed
  • even Elizabeth is perched on the edge

Seven (Saeyoung)

  • so MC and Seven made a bet to who was Yonghwa’s favourite
  • Seven thought he had this in the bag
  • so imagine his surprise when waking up from his nap to find MC and Yonghwa baking
  • Seven accuse MC of playing dirty by bribing Yonghwa with sweets
  • Yonghwa was too busy praising his mother’s cooking to notice Seven’s glare
  • MC had such a shit eating grin 
  • Seven was like at least I get free cookies
  • lol bitch u thought
  • one thing about Yonghwa is that he doesn’t like sharing
  • MC and Yonghwa were watching cartoons and  just happily snacking on cookies by the end of the day
  • MC felt bad so she snuck Seven one or two


  • Saeran and MC had took a trip to the amusement park with Hansol
  • everything was fine until they went into the haunted house
  • bad idea
  • the poor Hansol was traumatized
  • MC Mother Mode™ activated
  • as soon as she saw his eyes water MC was coddling and cooing at him
  • she brought him ice cream toys the works
  • to say Saeran was feeling neglected was an understatement 
  • he’s a bit shook cause usually Hansol is the one begging for his attention 
  • MC’s like
  • ‘stop pouting’
  • ‘..i’m not’
  • ‘ denial isn’t just a river in Egypt’
  • Saeran decided know was a good time to shut up and enjoy his ice cream
Chicken Ala Those Last Dregs Of Condiments You Have In The Fridge.

So one of the greatest bits of culinary wisdom I’ve ever gotten was learning what actually goes into BBQ Sauce.  It’s mostly ketchup, mustard, soy sauce and sugar, with various amounts of vinegar and peppers to taste. Which is Mostly condiments you (definitely I) have little bits left in nearly-empty bottles of in the fridge. This is what I make when the fridge is pretty much empty because I’ve forgotten to do the shopping.


  • Working stove top
  • skillet
  • rice cooker/pot for rice
  • Spatula
  • Cutting board
  • Small bowl


  • As many chicken thighs as people you are trying to feed
  • Can of beans, whatever type u want I like black or pinto
  • Rice
  • The remaining bottle dregs (about a ¼ cup each) of the following:  Ketchup, soy sauce, mustard, honey, and a drizzle of Worcestershire if you’ve got it.
  • OPTIONAL: got a bottle of bourbon or wine that hasn’t got quite a glass left? use it to de-glaze the pan before putting the beans in.
  • Whatever last-end dry spices you have, but garlic, paprika, cayenne and oregano is a good mix
  • Olive Oil or other suitable cooking oil


  1. Start the rice in the rice cooker.  heat olive oil in skillet.
  2. rinse, dry and cut chicken thighs into 1-inch cubes.  Toss chicken in small bowl with dry spices until coated.  Once oil is hot, add chicken to the skillet and cook for 5 minutes per side.
  3. While chicken cooks, open beans and rinse (the fluid it’s store in is salty as hell and tastes like ass).  Once chicken is cooked, add beans and liquid condiment dregs, and cook everything together until sauce is thick and beans are heated through.
  4. serve over rice, maybe with cheese if you want.  I know I’m a heathen but cheese is good with bbq.  it IS.

I know this recipe sounds like ass but I swear it’s basically BBQ beans and chicken over rice and you’ll like finishing the bottles off. 


tropical rice bowl 

brown rice. sweet sambal chili chicken. mixed greens. grape tomatoes. diced pineapples. sweet Hawaiian glaze (not pictured). 

something quick, easy, and filling for dinner. 

taking care of jihoon when he’s sick

word count: 1.1k+
genre: fluff
warnings: none

a/n: this is tooth-rotting fluff hope y’all enjoy your cavities also jihoon is a handful in this smh @ jihoon also why do y’all enjoy it when your faves get sick so much i have so many wanna one requests for reactions to their members getting sick

  • taking care of jihoon when he gets sick is probably exhausting, but also very rewarding in weird way
  • you’d probably just gotten home from a day out with friends when you got an urgent text from guanlin
  • “(y/n) please can you come over we’re at jihoon’s and i think he has a fever and he’s being really weird and refuses to take any medicine and we don’t know what to do please help”
  • you sighed, obviously you wouldn’t leave jihoon alone with those nerds
  • you got up, deciding to prepare a little care package for your boyfriend
  • on the way you stopped at the small pharmacy at the corner of your street, picking up some ibuprofen and a few tissue boxes in case he didn’t have any at home
  • starting to make your way towards jihoon’s apartment, you couldn’t stop your worries from increasing
  • you knew that your boyfriend could be a little careless sometimes, and guanlin’s statement that he didn’t want to take any medicine didn’t exactly calm you down
  • as soon as you arrived at the small apartment, the door was flung open by a red-faced guanlin
  • “god, you’re finally here”, he huffed, obviously out of breath, “we couldn’t get him to calm down and, to be honest, i’m at my limit”
  • you only frowned in response, handing him the plastic bag you brought to take off your shoes
  • “what exactly is going on over here?” you questioned, choking back a giggle that threatened to spill over your lips when you caught sight of woojin standing in the door frame, the same exasperated expression plastered on his face
  • “he keeps asking for you and won’t stop talking gibberish,” he sighed, running a hand through his unusually messy red hair
  • you laughed and couldn’t help your heart beating a little quicker at the thought of jihoon wanting you to be there
  • you watched as jinyoung’s and daehwi’s heads popped up behind woojin
  • “it’s fine, guys. i’ll handle him, you can leave if you want,” you offered with a small smile
  • before daehwi closed the front door behind him, he turned around and gave you a look that was somewhere between a warning and pity
  • “be careful, (y/n), he seems to be a little … starved for affection today”
  • wow i wonder what he means
  • you only shook your head and took the bag you brought to his room
  • and surely enough, there was jihoon, wrapped up in the thick blankets like a burrito
  • as soon as he caught sight of you, he let out a loud, high-pitched whine
  • you grinned, setting down the supplies on his nightstand
  • greeting him with a small “hey”, you leant down to plant a quick kiss on his forehead
  • in response, jihoon squirmed in his blanket burrito
  • you’d be lying if you said that in that moment he wasn’t the most adorable thing you’d ever seen
  • “my head hurts,” he complained, squinting his eyes and turning his face away from the window
  • you hummed softly and made your way over to shut the blinds
  • “better?” you asked, sending your suffering boyfriend a quick smile
  • he only replied with a low whine that almost made your heart burst inside of your chest
  • honestly, this wasn’t fair
  • after soaking a small cloth to place on his forehead with cold water and instructing him to flip it every five minutes (you weren’t really sure whether or not he even actively listened to your rambling) you walked out to the kitchen to prepare some soup for him to eat
  • you had just gotten to adding the soup stock to the boiling water when you felt two arms snake their way around your waist
  • you glared at the young boy that had rested his head on your shoulder lazily
  • “oh my god, jihoon, really? what are you doing out of bed?”
  • a light blush threatened to spill over your cheeks when he only nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck and whispered a soft “i wanted to see you” in your ear
  • one of your hands traveled downwards to gently engulf his own and you felt his arms tighten around you in response
  • “go back, i’ll be right there. you shouldn’t be out here,” you muttered softly, turning yourself around in his arms to take a look at him
  • you couldn’t help but smile when his eyes found yours, a little glassy, but beautiful nonetheless
  • “but i missed you,” he whined softly, leaning into your touch when you reached up to brush his sweaty hair out of his face, “i can’t even kiss you right now, so i want to be close to you at least”
  • your chest tightened a little at his words, no, this was definitely not fair
  • “if you go back to bed now and let me finish making your soup i’ll cuddle with you for as long as you want”
  • wow you had never seen jihoon run towards the bedroom this fast
  • when you walked back into the room, a steaming bowl of chicken soup in one hand and a bottle of water in the other, he was wrapped up in his cute little burrito once again
  • tbh you couldn’t stop a sudden surge of affection from running through you for a second
  • upon further investigation, you noticed that jihoon had fallen asleep, soft breaths escaping his slightly chapped lips
  • you honestly didn’t know how he managed to keep looking this good when his face was flushed and he was burning up
  • “jihoon, wake up,” you whispered, gently nudging his shoulder
  • half-conscious, he reached out to grab your arm and quickly pulled you under the covers, ignoring the small yelp that escaped your lips
  • “what the hELL”
  • “you said you’d cuddle with me,” he murmured, mushing his face against your skin once again before throwing an arm around your waist
  • now it was your turn to whine, “please, jihoon, the soup will get cold”
  • his grip on you only tightened and you almost died when he let his lips gently graze the junction between your neck and shoulder
  • “i love you, (y/n)”
  • you froze, your attempts at fighting off a heated blush proving themselves useless
  • “i really do love you. thank you for doing this for me,” your boyfriend repeated, placing another kiss right underneath your jaw
  • you looked down at him, returning his affections by quickly pecking his forehead which almost instantly caused a huge smile to spread across the boy’s face
  • “i love you too, jihoon, but i would love you even more if you ate your soup and took your medicine now”
  • he only pouted cutely
  • “fine”
  • “i could also put something on netflix if you did it right now
  • “fINE”