chicken bowling


Ten minutes later he re-entered the room with a towel and one steaming bowl of chicken noodle soup. “Here you are m’lady. Chicken soup ala Lo.”

Carefully, he handed me the towel and then the bowl.

“It’s hot, you may need to wait a few.”

“Thank you.”


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Age Range of kids: 4 - 6


  • Yoosung was coming back from the grocery store
  • b o i  he was ready to rest and cuddle with MC
  • turns out his plan was sidetracked 
  • when he walked in on Miyoung and MC having a mother-daughter bubble bath
  • Yoosung legit thought he walked in on something sacred 
  • he highkey really wanted to join in
  • his request was denied 
  • decided to sit and sulk till they finished
  • planned to kidnap MC to have a quick nap together
  • MC said she promised to read Miyoung a bedtime story
  • as a result MC woke to a very bitter Yoosung


  • Zen had planned to have a steamy weekend with MC by sending the kids to a sleepover
  • change of plans as Minhyuk ended up staying at home after catching the flu
  • cockblocked by his own son
  • MC was babying Minhyuk all day
  • the boi legit never left her arms
  • the lil shit had the smuggest face anytime Zen walked past
  • it was legit like
  • Hyuna wasn’t going to return till sunday night so Zen was in dire need of attention
  • instead of sucking it up Zen decided to pretend to have caught the flu too
  • MC spent the whole day looking after her babies
  • it was all working up until MC saw Minhyuk wrestling Zen for the last bowl of chicken soup
  • turns out they had both been faking
  • in the end Zen had to do chores for a week and Minhyuk was banned from cuddles for three days


  • Jaehee was returning from hell work
  • as soon she came in the door she was greeted by a giant mound of blankets and pillows
  • turns out Mc and Jihyo decided today was the perfect day to build a blanket fort
  • Jaehee expected to find the in two minutes
  • SIKE
  • the thing was like a labyrinth
  • after half an hour of searching Jaehee found them curled up watching The Little Mermaid
  • the scene was so cute
  • Jahee was in there like swimwear
  • family cuddle sessions are always 💯


  • jumin was not feeling the love
  • Joong Ki was at soccer (ugh I can’t believe I had to type that) 
  • MC had been dragged away by his daughters
  • when he tried to follow he was denied access at the door
  • Chaerin had declared that the girls of the house were having a private tea party
  • the betrayal is strong in this family 
  • Jumin is like
  • lol poor Jumin
  • highkey bitter
  • decides to mind his own business and get some work done
  • but like every five minutes he’s glancing at the door
  • he eventually decides to take a nap 
  • when he wakes up the whole family is tucked into the bed
  • even Elizabeth is perched on the edge

Seven (Saeyoung)

  • so MC and Seven made a bet to who was Yonghwa’s favourite
  • Seven thought he had this in the bag
  • so imagine his surprise when waking up from his nap to find MC and Yonghwa baking
  • Seven accuse MC of playing dirty by bribing Yonghwa with sweets
  • Yonghwa was too busy praising his mother’s cooking to notice Seven’s glare
  • MC had such a shit eating grin 
  • Seven was like at least I get free cookies
  • lol bitch u thought
  • one thing about Yonghwa is that he doesn’t like sharing
  • MC and Yonghwa were watching cartoons and  just happily snacking on cookies by the end of the day
  • MC felt bad so she snuck Seven one or two


  • Saeran and MC had took a trip to the amusement park with Hansol
  • everything was fine until they went into the haunted house
  • bad idea
  • the poor Hansol was traumatized
  • MC Mother Mode™ activated
  • as soon as she saw his eyes water MC was coddling and cooing at him
  • she brought him ice cream toys the works
  • to say Saeran was feeling neglected was an understatement 
  • he’s a bit shook cause usually Hansol is the one begging for his attention 
  • MC’s like
  • ‘stop pouting’
  • ‘..i’m not’
  • ‘ denial isn’t just a river in Egypt’
  • Saeran decided know was a good time to shut up and enjoy his ice cream

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(word count is like 2000+ oops)

- First things first, let’s be real,, best friend yoongi would roll his eyes at you a LOT n0 doubt

-   your friendship is probably built on insulting each other, in like an affectionate way lmao

- also music,, that would definitely be a major factor of your friendship

-   he’d have such good song recs aaaaa

-   i’m still screaming about his playlist on Spotify !!!!!!

-  ok but like imagine trying to wake him up

-   He’d probably hit u over the head with a pillow n prolly swear at u to get lost

- The most effective way to wake him up was to tip water on his face,,, which he hATes lmao

- But it works s0,,,

-  Sometimes when he’d go a night without sleeping and was feelin kinda cheeky,, he’d pour water on u at 4:30am and justify it as payback

-   loWKEY Cuddles

-   like you’d just be sitting on the couch watching a movie n he’s just flop down and use your lap as a pillow and you’d be all like “yoongi wyd” and he’d be “shh ur comfy”

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The Signs as Soup:

Aries: A can of chef boyardee from 1982. A quality vintage.

Taurus: Chili that reminds you of home. You know not what subtle alchemy your mother did to make such common ingredients taste as such. You can never truly recreate it.

Gemini: A thick corn chowder with oyster crackers. As it was meant to be served. It was cooked with courage.

Cancer: A frozen round of french onion. As it melts in the pot you see it take its shape again. You watch as something industrial and soulless gives way to comfort.

Leo: A three bean stew your vegan friend served you. Hot damn its good. Like, really good. This is just three beans? Damn these vegans are clever.

Virgo: A tiny tiny bowl of miso. You wish you had gone slower but you just couldn’t.

Libra: A bowl of chicken noodle made with those thick egg noodles and huge chunks of chicken, salted with purpose and gusto. 

Scorpio: That bowl of pork stew you had at your friends Filipino wedding. You never did find out what it was called.

Ophiuchus: A bowl of ramen your lover made you. A combination of inexperience and happenstance caused the beef to be underdone an the veggies to be overdone but it was still delicious.

Sagittarius: The first bowl of pho you ever ate. You didn’t know what the plate of bean sprouts were for. 

Capricorn: A bowl of weapons grade spicy menudo. 

Aquarius: Borscht, served in a tureen. You’re 90% sure the woman who made it is some sort of witch. 

Pisces: A bowl of goulash that took four days to make. Eaten in the wilderness, under the stars.


tropical rice bowl 

brown rice. sweet sambal chili chicken. mixed greens. grape tomatoes. diced pineapples. sweet Hawaiian glaze (not pictured). 

something quick, easy, and filling for dinner. 

Restaurants with good keto options:

Buffalo Wild Wings (traditional wings with Parmesan garlic sauce, naked tenders, or burger with no bun)
Five Guys (burger wrap or bowl with mayo, bacon, and lettuce)
Jimmy Johns (any sandwich as an unwich/lettuce wrap)
Wendy’s (any burger or chicken sandwich in a bowl)
Applebees (steak and broccoli, ribs with no sauce, traditional wings)
Red Robin (any burger as a lettuce wrap, wedge salad without onion crisps, broccoli, or side salad)
Chipotle (salad with no rice or beans, extra meat, salsa, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, guac)
Taco Bell (apparently you can ask for their meat as a side and they serve it in a little container)