chicken bowling


tropical rice bowl 

brown rice. sweet sambal chili chicken. mixed greens. grape tomatoes. diced pineapples. sweet Hawaiian glaze (not pictured). 

something quick, easy, and filling for dinner. 

“Its scary to stop working towards your dream. But its even scarier to have a dream yet not work toward it and lie to yourself for the rest of your life, telling yourself that was for the best”


Spiced Chicken Salad Bowl 

marinated stir-fry strips of chicken in a small bit of olive oil, honey, and a seasoning blend: 1 tsp of the following: smoked paprika, Harissa spice, Indian red pepper, ancho chili powder. ½ tsp of the following: kosher salt and black pepper. 
put the bowl together with spinach, brown rice, one whole Toma tomato, organic sweet corn, and sliced avocado. 
topped with a sugar+calorie free salad dressing. 



Mini udon and Fried chicken rice bowl at the Higashisakura branch of Machikadoya in Nagoya city.


The Devil is a Part-timer Food Illustrations Episode 2