chicken and nuggets

anonymous asked:

The other day I was at Wendy's I ended up buying 40 chicken nuggets, i'd like to thank you for influencing my dinner choices 😅

I am glad I could help enhance your life in this way

shyjimins  asked:

one of ur tags said ur wallet is...... filled with...... chicken nuggets;;;; im crying ur so cute alwnwkjs and also ur lov for brown hair jimin has my heart on fiRE

omg my tags r so embarrassing sometimes lol I forget I even write such mess….and yesss I’m on fire as well fdxghnc still am

i should be writing rn but instead i’m laying in bed trying to decide if i should use the $5 i have saved so i can get some chicken nuggets and fries tomorrow or ice cream rn… i’ve been trying to make the decision for close to an hour now