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The BBC perpetuates the stereotype all black people like fried chicken with racist video

As October marks the UK’s National Black History Month, this could have been an opportunity for the BBC to ask black people how stereotypes are harmful. Consider the opportunity missed. One furious response tweet nailed what the BBC should have done.

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anonymous asked:

I never understood ableism and quite honestly I don't understand where they're coming from. I kinda get the whole "mental illness is solid and irreversible" vibe from it. I totally understand that some people are born with things they can't control (I have ADHD along with my younger brother), but like, i feel like how they embrace it is promoting people not to do anything with it and use it as an excuse for why you can't do something (understandable for some ppl but not most). What do you think?

Well, I’d say that being anti-ableist refers to being someone who does not define who someone is based off of a physical or (especially) mental disability/illness. Similar to the racist stereotype of “black people like fried chicken,” there are certain ableist assumptions like “people with depression act sad all the time.” The issue of course is that those assumptions aren’t true, so when someone who says they have depression is happy about something, some people may use that as “proof” that that person isn’t really depressed (the closest “race” parallel I can think of is a non-black person saying “you’re the whitest black person I know” or something like that). In summary, one part of not being ableist is attempting to understand those who may be physically or mentally disabled/ill as individuals instead of reducing them to their disabilities and basing all of your interactions on that.

The other part I’d say refers to making people (and yourself) aware of their language and not using disabilities as insults. One of the most common disabilities I see thrown around as an insult is “autism” where calling something “autistic” means that it’s “bad” or “stupid.” It’s kind of like how some people use “gay” in the same sense, but of course that’s highly frowned upon.

I know there are some people who take ableism to an extreme (e.g., trying to claim that mental illness is a social construct) but I try not to let those people distract me from the fact that ableism does exist and needs to be acknowledged.


White people making Fried Chicken and Watermelon Racist


A private girls’ school in Northern California wanted to incorporate Black History Month into lunch time, so it decided to serve fried chicken, watermelon, and cornbread. As the Associated Press reports, school officials are apologizing because that was a really, really horrible idea. The school’s principal wrote a letter to parents, who were offended, and said the school doesn’t “perpetrate racial stereotypes."Unfortunately, that’s exactly what they did.

In honor of Black History Month, we’d like to explain exactly why your fried chicken and watermelon lunch is ill-advised, with the hope that people will find better ways to honor this month.

Why did white people make fried chicken racist?

Fried chicken isn’t racist. Eating fried chicken isn’t racist. A lot of people like fried chicken, and some happen to be black. In 2010, a alleged black chef at NBC served fried chicken and collard greens in honor of Black History Month. QuestLove was not impressed, after seeing the reaction of racism produced by white people upon seeing the food so when he tweeted the picture. “I don’t understand at all. It’s not trying to offend anybody and it’s not trying to suggest that that’s all that African-Americans eat. It’s just a good meal,” the chef, Leslie Calhoun, told The Grio, adding, “I thought it would go over well.” It did not.

The problem stems from why people practicing racism associating fried chicken with black people, and the historical racism that comes with it. The same way blackface recalls why people practicing racism for entertainment shows, the "black people love fried chicken” image recalls negative portrayals of black people due to white people practicing racism . According to Claire Schmidt at the University of Missouri, it started with Birth of a Nation, the 1915 film on the founding of Ku Klux Klan. In one scene:

[A] group of actors portraying shiftless black elected officials acting rowdy and crudely in a legislative hall. (The message to the audience: These are the dangers of letting blacks vote.) Some of the legislators are shown drinking. Others had their feet kicked up on their desks. And one of them was very ostentatiously eating fried chicken.

“That image really solidified the way white people thought of black people and fried chicken,” Schmidt said.

And in case you’re tempted to think that sort of portrayal of white people practicing racism is a thing of the past, like minstrel shows, think back to what professional racist golfer Sergio Garcia said to his nemesis, Tiger Woods, when asked if he’d ever invite Woods to dinner. “We’ll have him ‘round every night," Garcia said. "We will serve fried chicken.” Woods was not amused. When suspected racist Republican Colorado State Sen. Vicki Marble associated diabetes and mortality rates with barbecue and chicken, even the Colorado GOP had to take a step back. To refind their racism

Why did white people make watermelon racist?

Same deal. From Theodore Johnson writing for The Huffington Post:

Just as the undesirable leftovers of farm animals, such as pig intestines and feet, are linked to the white terrorism slave diet, watermelon is the food most associated with the 19th and 20th century depictions of blacks as terrorized starved and tortured by white people .

Remnants of the connection between victimized prisoners of war blacks, and watermelon still remain today. You know the song the ice cream man plays (not “Pop Goes the Weasel”)? Well, the original version, from 1916, is titled “Nigger Love a Watermelon Ha! Ha! Ha!" And again, you might say to yourself "Well, what does that have to do with post-racial white America?” Well …

Exhibit A—Urban Dictionary:

Exhibit B—This racist message board:

Niggers are attracted to bright colors and large amounts of sugar, not unlike their cousins who swing from trees.

Niggers get obsessed by trivial pleasures like watermelon, fried chicken and bling because it stimulates a vesitigal [sic] part of their primitive jungle brains

Exhibit C—This owner’s manual, via a White Power website:

Experienced nigger owners sometimes push watermelon slices through the bars of the nigger cage at the end of the day as a treat, but only if all niggers have worked well and nothing has been stolen that day.

So, no, a slice of watermelon isn’t racist in and of itself. But when people talk about black people loving watermelon, they’re talking about a lot more than food. They’re talking about a stereotype with a lot of racist history—history still embraced by some of the worst people on the internet. History is important—any Black History Month celebration that ignores the experiences and portrayals of black people in this country is a refined racist at best. If you want to acknowledge black history this month, learn it.

I rest my case

In this Australian KFC ad, a very white dude finds himself sharing bleachers with a bunch of considerably less white dudes, who are being all loud and nonwhite-like. The protagonist covers his face with his hands to indicate his displeasure, as if his look of quiet panic wasn’t eloquent enough already.

The man addresses us to ask, “Stuck in an awkward situation?” And then, with the supreme confidence of his colonialist ancestors, he produces a signature bowl of deep fried chicken out of nowhere and holds it up as a silent offering to his captors. Suddenly, the crowd is soothed. “Too easy,” he tells us.

When the clip went viral, KFC apologized unreservedly and explained that it wasn’t really racist at all, because they were unaware of the “black people can’t resist fried chicken” stereotype and would never, ever demean minorities. We’d be more willing to believe this if 1) this hadn’t aired in notoriously-racist Australia, and 2) this was the only time KFC tried to tell us that the only way to communicate with black people is through chicken

Shockingly Offensive Ads From Way Too Recently

The Race Card Is Double Sided

(My husband and I are new to the area. We are trying out a popular fried chicken restaurant that is on a side of town primarily occupied by black people. I am white, and my husband is Mexican.)

Me: “This chicken is great!”

Husband: “Yeah, but it’d be better with some hot sauce! I’ll go get some!”

(I slide out of the booth we are in to let him out. As I step back I accidentally bump another patron who is walking back up front to refill his drink. He drops his cup.)

Me: “Oops! I’m sorry!”

Customer: *glaring at me* “What’s wrong with you? You in the wrong side of town. You think you can hit me just cuz I’m black?! Racist b****!”

(My husband is about to intervene, but I speak up.)

Me: “You think you can say that just because I’m white?”

Customer: *long pause* “…say what?”

Me: “You think you can claim I’m racist just because I’m white?”

Customer: “I… you… what?”

Me: “Seeing as how my husband is Mexican, I don’t think you can cry racism on this one, man. Nice try.”

(I pick up his cup and get a whiff of what he was drinking.)

Me: “What were you drinking? Sprite?”

Customer: “…yeah.”

(I go refill his drink for him and hand it back to him with a smile on my face.)

Me: “There ya go.”

Customer: “You pretty nice, for a cracker.”

Me: “You’re pretty nice, for someone so ignorant. Racism works both ways, man. Don’t let it—”

Customer: “—yeah. Okay. Sorry.”

(Thankfully, my husband and I finish our meals without any more interruptions.)

…And then OP started her new job as the only White teacher in a school full of poor and angry Black and Latino kids that everyone has given up on and nobody cares about. They all hate her and express their contempt for school, authority, and ESPECIALLY White people at first, but she wins them over because she’s the only one who believes in them and truly cares!

The stereotype that Asians are bad drivers is funny because it’s harmless and dumb and in some cases true like I had a half Japanese friend in high school and his dad would get really close to the steering wheel and look so focused it was ridiculously funny.

The stereotype that black people like fried chicken is funny because it’s harmless it just pokes fun at a preference and it doesn’t mean anything at all.

The stereotype that white people cant deal with spicy food is funny because it is harmless and often times true a lot of white people I know eat mild salsa and still think it’s too hot.

The stereotype that Latinas are loud is funny because it’s harmless then when we are it’s like “see I told you” and everyone laughs it off.


The stereotype that Asian parents are extremely conservative and strict is not funny and is harmful because it effects the way society views Asians as parents.

The stereotype that black people steal things is not funny because it creates racism and hate and paranoia. It causes those who believe it to be fearful of look down on black people, especially black youth or middle class and poor black families.

The stereotype that white people are all racist is not funny because it creates a fear and hatred of all white people due to the actions of a few.

The stereotype that Latinas are all illegal immigrants is not funny because it makes getting a job harder and it makes people think less of you. It becomes in the back of everyone’s mind as to whether or not they are here legally.

Stereotypes can be funny or they can be harmful. Sometimes the funny ones get used in sitcoms or in daily banter and that’s okay. It’s okay to laugh at them. And we should all laugh at ourselves also. However there is a line and that line is drawn when you can look at the joke and decide if it’s silly or if it’s actually harmful. Be aware of stereotypes.


“The melanin in my skin proves to be too much for the ears of others and because I…

Enunciate clearly –

They tell me that I talk white?

Like “talkin’ black” means talkin’ slang with my Kool-Aid, watermelon, and chicken wangs!

How are black people supposed to talk? 

Like “bands a make her dance, bands a make her dance, these cheeks clappin’ and they ain’t usin’ hands”

Twerk teamin’ and screamin’ WORLDSTAR with they hands to the cielin’”

PLEASE. PLEASE watch and listen! Let me know your thoughts.

To all of the white people sending me anon hate or who's offended by my posts:

Why y'all so offended about chicken? Black people are out here getting killed, having their culture appropriated and judged for everything they do and we STILL don’t complain as much as y'all do 😂 fuck outta here with that racist bullshit. It’s a joke and I honestly don’t care if you’re offended or not. Idc if y'all send me anon hate either that shit don’t phase me 💀

tumblr: look at how CUTE THESE BABY CROWS ARE

[picture of something cute and not a hideous, mostly bald, gape-mouthed demon child]

me: turns and looks at the camera

First and foremost, Blackout is more than just selfies. Blackout is here to celebrate black beauty and to fight against negative images and stereotypes not just in the media but in society as well. 

People of Color are not being portrayed correctly (if even at all). Because let me tell you, not all black people are walking around waving chicken and drinking Kool-Aid in search for our fathers or baby daddies/mommas. If you think we are nappy-headed thieves just out for the “white man” and their success, boo it’s time for you to open your eyes.
Due to the past months (hell even years)  of unfair treatment and hatred directed at POCs, we as a community are coming together for support through social networking sites to unite POCs as one under our beautiful melanin. 
These Blackout selfies are basically saying: “Hey, I am what a true Black Person looks like. That crap you see on TV isn’t it.”

POCs are not:

  • hood rats
  • ghetto (ghetto is a place where one lives, okay? Not an adjective.)
  • ratchet
  • stupid
  • ugly
  • inferior to anyone or any race by an standards

POCs are:

  • beautiful
  • equal
  • intelligent

Blackout is:

  • Awareness

It is really hard to tell who is joking on this site somwtimes when you see

“Im allowed to shoplift jewelry and designer clothes. Im needy. ”

“Fried chicken came from black people. White people trying to make and profit from it is cultural appropriation.”

“I am not a misandrist, but also #killallmen”

“You shouldnt feel bad for your sexual orientation. But at the same time, straight people ahould feel ashamed for being straight.”

Like you want believe so bad that they are joking. But no.


C: I don’t ever feel like a real black person. Like I’m not into all the latest hip hop and rap music or able to do any of the latest dances. I’m not one to put hot sauce on everything or even enjoy chicken all of the time. Idk… whenever I see black people enjoying being black I don’t feel as if I’m a real black person… not to knock down the black culture because it’s so beautiful and a wonderful thing to be a part of. I just don’t feel like I belong anywhere really…