Now we know why AJ and Kaitlyn had their match at the tapings for Main Event last night…. it’s because it was going to be Kaitlyn’s final match before leaving WWE, and she wanted to have it with her best friend, the person she came up with and formed a bond with in NXT and FCW, and practical her sister.

Now, before Tamina brought everything back down to kayfabe earth and superkicked Kaitlyn after this, it’s nice to know that deep down, April and Celeste at the very least managed to share one final legit heartwarming moment together as Chickbusters.

Take care, Celeste. Enjoy your marriage with PJ, and Godspeed.


Try not to cry at this photo, folks.

It was pretty cool because AJ (and I) we were friends from day one. We both have this personality that’s like a little–its not your typical Diva personality that we encounter a lot of the time. We both have this pretty messed up sense of humor. We found a lot of humor in a lot of things that some people didn’t. We just formed this awesome friendship from day one so I know she truly, truly deserved to be on the main roster for a long time and she wasn’t; she stuck down in FCW working her ass off and helping all these other girls get better and not getting her chance.

I’m out here with AJ and we kinda forced the Chickbusters issue. Because no one really took us seriously obviously like writers and people–we started calling ourselves the Chickbusters on social media. We kind of made it happen. We were so, so grateful to get any kind of airtime and to be on TV in any way.

We always had a really good attitude about everything. It was kind of sad because we never got to be a cool tag team because we got beat up all the time but it was the start of something really cool. After that, she went on her way and started conquering the world. It was kind of like our little beginning together. Like a second beginning away from NXT.