Out in the sea there was the biggest storm that has ever hit the coastal area of Chickago. As the waves were treacherous and the winds howling ferociously, a lone ship was battling against the waves and soon lighting hit the vessel causing it to break. As all storms come and gone, this one still had a bite to it as some of the wreckage from the ship were floating to the shore. 

Among the wreckage, was a child. The survivor was washed up to shore and things didn’t look good.The one year old girl who was still learning how to walk and babbling, was resting in a half shredded life boat that was in shambles. 

When the life boat hit the shore, it caused the one year old to fall out and hit the sandy shore. The young one year old wailed loudly as she was awaken from her sleep and was cold as the wind blew its coastal breeze causing some of the wildlife that were native to the shore was heading to the source of the noise.