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New art project I’m calling “Cuteness and Vexation”

These will be available as prints soon! And maybe T-shirts if I can get the design right. More are in the works, including non-birbs, so feel free to make requests! I can’t guarantee they’ll get done, but they will go on my list!


Tumblr! Hi! Remember me? I almost don’t remember me, it’s been so long since I’ve posted here.

I just wanted to share this fun new project with you all. I created a new series called Sweet Tweets, which are ice cream bird cones. If you, like me, enjoy ice cream and bird puns, then this is for you!

They’re available as prints on my Etsy. You can either scoop up your favorite, a set of 3, or the full set of 9. Which one is your favorite??

King Birb

He’s an Oriole ♥

So why a bird? Because I like birds; they’re pretty. And I need more practice drawing them.

Gaius and Tales of Xillia © Namco Bandai

Art © Autumn Linnet 2015