chick in snap back

When someone heart fucks you

And you excitedly check out their blog thinking you’ll make a new friend but all the pictures turn out to be close up shots of unkempt girly bits that get progressively worse as you scroll, yet you just can’t seem to stop, until thankfully, you land on an image that snaps you back to reality -

Some chick on house arrest in ankle bracelet.

What the hell? I am seriously confused right now. So, I’m perfectly fine looking at random genitals (even if they aren’t particularly appealing ) but the moment I see an ankle bracelet - I’m out?

What kind of judgmental asshole am I?


but-deans-back-tho here is some Smut you asked for!! I mean it isn’t over the top, but it’s a small tease ;) enjoy!

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The room was dark, and you were nestled up in bed, waiting to hear Dean’s snore.

Earlier today, you accidentally walked in on the older Winchester coming out of the shower, luckily he had a towel wrapped around his waist, but you couldn’t help but wander your gaze all along his body. Watching the water slowly glide down his chiseled chest. Making your heart flutter.

But you tried to keep yourself busy, so you wouldn’t have to imagine yourself running your hand along his body. Imagine feeling him all around you. And it was working, until now. As you laid silently in bed, all you could think about was Dean.

You slid your hand down to your panties, and began to circle your flaps. You closed your eyes, picturing Deans hands all over you. Pretending it was him that was playing with you.

As the fantasy went more into depth, you grew hotter by the second. Letting out a soft moan, you snapped your eyes open, and turned your gaze over to Deans bed. Hoping he didn’t hear a thing. He only groaned and rolled over, making you feel relieved.

You returned back to what you were doing, biting the bottom of your lip. Circling over your clit. Your breathing became heavy and all you wanted to do was scream in pleasure. You arched your back, digging your head more into the pillow as you escaped into pure bliss. Another moan slipping out from your lips.

“Mm what was that? You okay?” Dean groaned, causing you to freeze right where you were.

“Y-yeah. Sorry, it was a nightmare.” You lied, trying to even your breathing. “Go back to sleep.”

Dean obliged to your command and turned back over on his stomach.

You turned on your side, feeling your cheeks flush as you were so scared he almost caught you.

“Goodnight.” He mumbled.

“Goodnight.” You whispered before falling into complete slumber.

(The next night.)

It was a long night. You and the boys have just slaughtered a house full of vamps and decided to go celebrate at the nearest bar.

Four shots in, you were beginning to feel a little buzz.

Sam decided to head back to the motel early, exhausted from not being able to sleep the night before.

Dean on the other hand, he was making himself very comfortable with the cute blonde bartender who could not keep from flirting.

Though, usually you wouldn’t give a damn about that. Dean wasn’t someone you cared for in that way. Ever. Until yesterday. Now you felt yourself grow jealous just by watching them giggle and gently touch each other.

You ushered for another shot. The bartender nodded and followed your order.

A tall built lumber jack looking of a man, took a seat right next to you. He had black hair that faded on the sides and laid perfectly on top. He had a beard along with tattoos that ran up and down his arms and his neck. A man that matched every detail you wanted in a guy.

You swallowed hard as he flashed a smile at you.

“Hello.” He muttered. “My name is Zack.”

You looked down at his hand, and took it with yours. Feeling a shock vibrate through you.

“H-Hi. I’m Y/N.” You smiled.

“So, what’s a pretty girl like you doing here all by herself? Waiting on a date?” He asked, his eyes scanning yours. Hoping you’d say no.

“Nope! Just hanging out with some friends.” You looked over at Dean, who had the blonde chick straddling over him, her lips pressed all over his neck.

You tried to ignore the pain it caused you, but it was no use.

Without hesitation, you threw back the shot, feeling the bitter acid glide down your throat. Burning your lungs for a second.

“Wanna go somewhere quieter?” You asked, feeling confident.

Zack smiled and nodded. Motioning for you to lead the way.

You followed the tall lumber jack to his truck. Feeling the cold breeze blow through your hair. It was somehow calming.

Zack immediately pushed you against the door to the truck, feeling you up as he pressed his lips firmly on your neck.

“Hey, come on. Let’s just talk for a bit.” You muttered, pushing him off you.

Zack furrowed his brows and tilted his head. “I thought this was what you wanted?”

You shrugged your shoulders and nodded. “I-it is! I just-I want to take it slow.” You croaked.

He nodded to himself and looked down. “I understand. We can go as slow as you want.”

He flashed a smile, making your stomach churn.

You began to remember Dean and the blonde chick practically going at it in the bar. And though you usually don’t do this sort of thing, you need some way to keep your mind occupied.

Without thinking, you propped up on your tip toes and crashed your lips to his.

“What the hell?” You heard a familiar groan.

You tore apart from zack, snapping your gaze back to Dean and his chick for the night.

He looked confused and furious all mixed into one.

“What the hell are you doing? Do you even know this guy?” Dean croaked.

You furrowed your brows, baffled to his reaction.

“What?” You exhaled.

Dean stormed over to your side, and clutched on to your wrist. He then forcefully dragged you away from Zack and toward the impala.

“What the hell are you doing?!” You yelled, trying to pry yourself from his grip. “Get the fuck off me!”

Dean didn’t say a word, only pushing you into the car and slamming the door behind him.

You sat in the front seat, trying to wrap your mind around what had just happened.

The blonde chick called for Dean more than you can count, but he only ignored her, making his way to the driver seat.

As he slipped in, he started the car, and skid off the dirt and into the road. His hands gripping the steering wheel, as he focused on nothing but the dark street ahead of him.

You had your gaze locked on him. The tension was thick and you weren’t sure as to why.

“What the hell is going on?” You gritted through your teeth.

“Why did you kiss him?” He spewed.

You were taken back, not knowing where that came from.

“Answer me.” He gritted through his teeth.

“Because I can? Why does it matter!” You were beginning to grow furious.

“Don’t you ever do that again, got it?” He demanded.

Making you sink into the seat. Speechless of his comment.

You finally pulled up to the motel. Dean guided you inside, slamming the door shut once again. He threw the keys and his Jacket on to the table, and turned his gaze back to you. Crossing his arms over his chest as he pursed his lips.

Your furrowed your brows. “Wha-”

“Go on. I wanna see exactly what you were doing under those covers last night—yeah” he smirked. “I heard you.”