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Georgia Gothic Pt. 4
  • It is two in the morning and you cannot sleep. You decide that walking will help you, so you put on your slippers and leave your house. You blink and you find yourself in a Waffle House with a plate of waffles. You finish your waffles, tip, and leave only to find yourself in another Waffle House with another plate of waffles. Is that the same waitress cleaning the counter? You squint, but it’s not her – she’s only vaguely larger and you think the other waitress had braids. You blink. And now she has curls.
  • “Ban Chick-fil-a!” the gay rights activist proclaim. Their campaign against supporting Chick-fil-a’s homophobic practices succeeds and Chick-fil-a is removed from campus. They return home, overjoyed with their victory, to their hometown of Fayetteville to tell their family. Dinner is Chick-fil-a. Dinner has always been Chick-fil-a. 
  • At a restaurant you ask for a coke. They don’t ask for what kind. It’s always Coca-Cola. You wanted Sprite. 
  • You are late to work and you are stuck in traffic. You turn to the car beside you and you are both angry at the current state of Atlanta traffic. You honk your horn but it cannot be distinguished from the horns of everyone else stuck in traffic and late for work. You look at your watch. It is 3am. And you are late for work.
  • You see a sign nailed to a tree, proclaiming “Repent.” You are seized by an irresistible urge to go to church. You try to fight back, but you start to want to repent.
  • You order iced tea. They point you to an old mop bucket with the words “ICeD TEA” scrawled across it in sharpie. You fill a glass. It’s perfectly sweet. 
  • It is 90 degrees and sunny outside. You check your watch. It is 15 til 2. You search your bag for an umbrella for the pre-programmed weather forecast. The weatherman says there’s a scheduled blizzard starting at 2pm, but the weatherman’s always wrong. You feel a raindrop hit your forehead as you open your umbrella. Silly weatherman. 

It was NEVER about the chicken! “When gays get so angry about a chicken sandwich, it is because Chick-fil-A has given around $5 million to fight to discriminate against us. When we praise brave Eagle Scouts who give up their badges in protest of the Boy Scouts of America’s prejudice, it’s not about scoring political points; it’s because there are kids in dens who are being taught to believe that they are less than equal. When we rant about the pastor who preaches that gays should be thrown into a concentration camp, we scream out of fear. And our fears are justified — in the last seven days, a lesbian in Nebraska was carved with a knife, a gay man in Oklahoma was firebombed, and a girl in Kentucky was kicked and beaten — her jaw broken and her teeth knocked out — while her assailants allegedly hurled anti-gay slurs at her.”

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California high school stands up for LGBT rights, says no to Chick-fil-A

A Los Angeles high school has refused to let Chik-fil-A sandwiches be sold on campus because of the chain’s stance on gay marriage.

Ventura High School president Val Wyatt told the Venture County Star that the chain’s anti-gay marriage views could offend some students. Wyatt prohibited the school’s football booster club from selling the Chik-fil-A’s famous sandwiches at a back-to-school event because of their political activism against gay marriage.

But not everyone is pleased 

remember when the chick-fil-a anti-gay thing was at its peak and LGBT organizations literally all went to chick-fil-a and bought food and kissed their partners… like that’s not how you protest a company. you don’t go out of your way to spend your money on the company you’re protesting

woah der chick fil gay.

why the fuck isnt chick fil a putting my/your money into something fucking food related. like a machine to get all that damn pulp out the lemonade, or to have chick fil a bought in stores or make a some cool futuristic holographic chicken sandwhich. i dont fucking know. just anything that can further their company. what they were made to do. make fucking good ass food.thats it. i HARDLY doubt that when someone wants some good food. they ask hmm the place i eat HAS to have good family values, believes in good christian morals (and what ever else chick fil a explains why they are doing what they are doing). they most likely think where can i get some bomb ass chicken and fries. which is why i think they should just focus on making some good ass food and not who im fuckin and want to marry.

last stance on this promisee

to me if you arent homosexual in any way you probably will NEVER understand why the LGBT community gets so upset over what chick fil a is doing. the end. thats it. you dont understand. im done talking about this. im done seeing it. just like when some of the black community stopped fighting other races over using the word nigger. its pointless trying to fight people who really cant see past their own existance and comfort zone. they will never get why this kind of stuff is upsetting until they actually turn into an african american or a homosexual. you cant fix ignorance but you can ignore it.

anonymous asked:

I think you are confused.... The owner if Chick fila isn't using our money to push his agenda on anyone. He was asked about his personal believes at a Baptist convention. It was on his own time. It has nothing to do with this restaurant.

shut up and sit down. sit way in the back anon.  if you wanna look the other way and still pour money into that business. good for you. happy eatings. i like my meals with a side of equality. youre dismissed.