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“I’m afraid I can’t heal you (Y/N) because you don’t need to be healed…Congratulations.”

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Chick Flick Moment

Request:Could you do an imagine when the reader comes back to the bunker after what she thought was a date with an old friend? Like he told her he met someone and that for the first time he’s in love but the reader and him had a relationship before she started hunting with the boys and she’s still in love with him? When she comes home she’s drunk and Dean finds her crying on the couch and they have a long deep talk? Maybe some Dean revealing his feelings for the reader at the end? Thank you :-)

A/N: I was really confused when I first read this wow, I need to go back to 1st grade XD. I love this idea flufffyyyyyyyyyyy anyway, I had an imagine that I wrote but I have no clue where it is! So, hopefully one of the other girls has it, sorry guys for the long note. And I have no friends so I wrote 2 imagines today yay!!!!


Warnings: Fluff, drinking, tiny bits of swearing, and sadness?


“God, Y/N it is great to see you.” Your old friend Travis said. You finally got a day off and decided to spend it with Travis, you really like him…. Like a lot. But being a hunter, you didn’t know how he would live if you guys were together. You are so glad he asked you out. It has always been a dream. So, of course before you went out, the famous Sam and Dean Winchester had to interrogate you about this kid. I guess he passed their little test and you were off.


“It’s been so long,” you said smiling as you guys hugged, “how have you been?”.


“It’s been great!” He beamed. “You know we still have three years of catching up to do right?”


“Yeah,” you said laughing, “Of course.” You guys were at a park, so you sat down on the nearest bench and started talking.


He told you all about how his mom was doing (you and his mom are very close), how he got a new job at a big company, how he graduated from YALE. But, something was different about him. You didn’t have the same feelings as you did before when you were around him. You decided to shake it off and listen to him as he started to ask you about your life.


You probably should have seen that coming and had a backup story just in case, but you made up some story about how you got into a family buisness (not exactly a lie) and how you were beginning to feel like your life is on track. After about an hour, he asked you something you didn’t really expect.


“So, how is your love life?” He asked with that suggestive look on his face wiggling his eyebrows.


Well, you thought, aren’t we on a date? You were really confused but told him that you like someone and you think that they like you back. Your thoughts began to spin out of control, what if this isn’t a date? you asked yourself, what is he doesn’t like me? What if he hates me? What if he doesn’t like my breath?


“Good for you Y/N!” he said proud of you. You could tell now that something is definitely weird about this conversation. “Are you going to ask me about mine?” He asked after a few minutes of silence.


“How is your love life?” You asked, trying to make the same face that Travis did, wiggling your eyebrows.


He laughed. “Well,” he said rubbing the back of his neck. “I actually found someone.” He said almost in a dream-like state. “Do you still talk to Y/B/F/N?” he asked.


Well, there goes your heart shattering into a million pieces. “No,” you said trying to force a smile. “Good for you Travis.”


“I think I love her Y/N” He said. As if your heart couldn’t break into any more pieces, there it went. Not only did your heart shatter but Travis pissed on the pieces too.


“Well,” you said tearing up. “Go on home and tell her you love her.” You said hiding the tears as you ran off. You had to get away from him. If you looked at him one more time, you swore that you were going to punch him.


You found a bar and decided to get shitfaced to numb the pain in your heart… Maybe your liver will feel it too.


“Can I get a shot….. make it 5.” You said to the bartender. The bartender looked at you like you were mad, but he just shrugged and got the glasses out.


You were a light drinker so it didn’t take you long before you were hugging everyone and making people laugh. After those shots, you didn’t even know a Travis. You thought you were going to throw up so you started off toward the bunker.


After about 20 minutes you got home. “HONEY I’M HOME!” You slurred when you got into the house. You stumbled into the living room and sat down and got right back up to get some whiskey.


“Y/N, what the hell are you doing?” Dean came in and said.


“Numbing everything, why aren’t you?” You said. Dean just laughed and asked how your date went. That’s when the tears came, all the ones you were holding in for the past few hours just came out like a storm. You told him everything, how he led you on, how he is going out with your best friend, and how he broke your heart.


“I’m going to kill him.” Dean said as steam practically poured out of his ears.


“No,” you said through the tears, sobering up “please don’t”. You fell into Dean’s arms and cried.


“He shouldn’t have treated you like that Y/N,” Dean cooed. “You are too beautiful and caring to be treated the way that he treated you. You should be treated like royalty. That’s the way I would treat you anyway.” He whispered that part, hoping you wouldn’t hear it. But you did.


You looked up at Dean. You knew that you felt something toward the older Winchester, but you didn’t know that those feeling could be considered intimate in anyway. Dean looked down at you and leaned forward trapping you in a kiss.


After the kiss, you pulled away for air.”Y/N, do you wanna go to the park sometime?”

You laughed. “Sure,” you said. “Way to make it a chick flick moment.”

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We have ghosts,



and a shit ton of chick-flick moments

we also have unnecessary sex scenes

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And ships that are so obviously canon while still not being canon that it hurts

Bowlegs Shackles

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Cas, angel of the Dean

and Sam’s hair

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Ok so I looked up that Karisma Collins chick someone said would be a good Mare and like... the whitest, blue-eyed person ever. Which I have nothing against, but for Mare? seriously?? Mare is a POC. MARE IS A POC. saying we could just "tan" a white person and give them brown contacts when there are SO MANY amazing actresses of colour???? I find that ridiculous

Yeah now that I’ve googled her…it’s a strange casting idea.