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K- jikook/kookmin armys were freaking out the past hour about this Lol ,

So apparently jungkook was wearing the Jack skellington mask when they went to disneyland , and jimin keeps adding the jack skellington to his signature now …?!

And Jungkook was carrying sally the chick bag in bon voyage s2 ..?!

So emm yeah the concept is : Jack the skellington and Sally the chick LOL

i’m talking about you - harrison osterfield

Pairing: Harrison x reader

Requested by: Anon

Request: Hey I was wondering if you could do a Harrison x reader kinda thing where they meet for the first time or something and there’s lots of fluff ??¿??

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  • [Camila and Lauren slow dancing]
  • Dinah: You know something, Camila’s my new hero. If that chick could bag a nine, I gotta be able to bag like a, sixteen.
  • Ally: What’s a sixteen?
  • Dinah: [points towards the next table] Those two eights right over there.
  • Ally: [looks at Dinah]
  • Dinah: [smiles proudly at herself] Yeah.
  • Ally: [nods approvingly]
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I am thinking about rereading acomaf and acowar but I also have so many books on my tbr. I need some new books, message me recommendations! 

“Where are you going tonight?” Nesta asks Feyre who barged into her apartment wearing a red dress and high heels. 

“On a date with Rhys,” Feyre says, twirling before posing. 

“You look gorgeous, Fey,” Elain comments coming out of Nesta’s kitchen with two cups of tea. She places on the table in front of Nesta. 

“Rhys? As in Cassian’s friend Rhys?” Nesta inquires raising an eyebrow and setting down the romance novel she was trying to get into for the past hour. Every romance novel she has read in the past always had one of the couple die in the end and that was the last thing she wanted to read. Why did writers romanticize death? 

“Yup! I know I was supposed to take over for Elain while she goes to her flower club but will you be alright today?” Feyre asks. Both her sisters looking at her expectently. 

“I can always skip this meeting. They don’t need me their every meeting,” Elain says. 

“You’re the president of course they need you there. I feel a little weak but I’ll make do. Besides I am going to grief counseling tonight,” she retorts with a wave of her hand. 

“No your not. Your sick,” Feyre says. 

“News Flash Feyre, I am always sick,” Nesta replies. 

“Yes, well, now your weak sick,” Feyre argues. 

“Feyre, I love that you care but I am going. I am not spending my last three months sitting around doing nothing,” Nesta says. 

Elain and Feyre exchange a look before nodding their heads. Nesta felt back for guilt tripping them but she needed to live the rest of her short life to the fullest. 

“Did you bring the goods?” Nesta asks, when Cassian walks through the door and plops on the empty chair next to her. All the chairs around her were empty. Ever since Cassian and her met the other people had slowly been moving away from them. 

Cassian gives her a look as if saying, ‘Did you think I wouldn’t bring the goods?’ without saying a word he drops the Chick-fil-a bag into her lap. “Why do you always doubt me, Nes? We’ve known each other for what, a month?” 

Nesta’s hand freezes mid grab of a french fry. A month? A month has gone by? That means she only had two months left. She’s wasted a month doing what? Going to grief counseling when she didn’t need it? Stringing along a nice guy who would only end up hurt?

“You freaked out about commitment?” he jokes, stealing one of my fries. 

“Commitment? Did I sign a contract? I still have time to get out of this friendship,” Nesta responds, knocking the thoughts out of her head again. She was living in the moment and that’s all that mattered. 

“Wow, I am hurt,” he says, putting a hand to his heart and giving her a pouty puppy dog look. “What about all the chick-fil-a I’ve been buying for you?” 

Nesta frowned, gripping the seat in front of her. A wave of nausea running through her. She closed her eyes blinking away the spots clouding her vision. 

“You okay? You just got really pale,” I hear Cassian asks but he seems miles away. 

“Call Feyre,” Nesta chokes out, pulling her phone out of her pocket and waving it in Cassian’s general area. She heard a loud gasp, and then the coldness of a floor. Was she on the ground? Did she fall? 

“Nesta?” she hears Cassian. “Yes we are at the learning center on 5th street.” 

Was he talking to her? Her head was spinning and she felt like she was shaking uncontrollable. Someone was pulling her onto her side but she didn’t have the will to open her eyes to see who it was. 

“911 is on their way. Feyres meeting us at the hospital,” Cassian whispers. That’s the last thing I remember before I black out. 


I decided it was time to upload this.  The reason Kajout’s side view isn’t uploaded in color was because I wasn’t spending enough time to make it all nice.  But I liked how the grays looked so why not.  Also redone chick that goes with her side view in color but I liked both versions of the chick for different reasons.

This project actually started with me being amused how I drew Kajout from the side with a lazy sort of slouch.  To hey lets do a front and back view.  I needed to figure out something for her front view so I can expand and figure it out better going forward.

Along the way I was also figuring out the Rock birds, the Male Kassaeda friend of hers and a couple other things.  The rock chick staring at the camera is my favorite.  Also I decided to show the heigh comparison between Kajout who I usually think is in the 6ftish range, to her chick and a full grown female rock bird.

Kajout’s jacket and shorts are something she wears when she’s outside of her home jungle.  In her home she wears clothes more traditional to her area.  She’s mostly hanging out in trees as the jungle Kasaeda make their homes in them, taking care of her rock chick (name pending), with Mititango or listening to her soldier friend tell her stories while she idly listens.

I ended up really liking her home clothes more then I thought.  While female Kasaeda don’t have anything to cover for on their chest some females and males wear chest wraps, etc, as a decorative piece.

Kajout is the jungle’s vet and doesn’t charge anyone who needs her help.  Kasaeda usually bring her gifts, items, food, etc, in thanks but she always tells them to take it back though most insist she keep it.  The most she’ll make you do is get ingredients but she’ll tell you exactly where or who to buy them from and to say she sent you.  She’ll have you do an ingredient run while she does what she can with what she has.  Kids will bring her toys in payment and refuse to take them back.  She’ll return the toy to the parents when she’s in the busy part of the jungle where most everyone lives.

Kajout’s pretty much almost hermit like in that she lives away from everyone, prefers her animals and says very little.  She comes off as grumpy or off putting because she’ll just stare at you if you say something stupid or annoy her until you leave.  Her soldier friend becomes more like her interpreter when he gets to know her signs better just so things don’t feel awkward.  Not that she cares if people are off put.  Give her nature and she’s happy.

Once Kajout ends up becoming a mom to her rock chick she simply ask if Kasaeda and others have to give her something to just bring a rock for her rock chick.  But reminds them only do it if no other Rock Birds are around since if they see you pick up a rock,even one they don’t want, they’ll chase you.  The kids particularly love to give the female chick rocks or toys themselves in hopes they’ll see her with their gift in her tail bag.  She’s been seen walking around with toys in her bag mixed in with the rocks and the kids always get excited.

Kajout gave her chick the tail bag for her rocks because she got tired of her chick handing her all the rocks to hold while she traveled throughout the day.  She finds out Rock Birds are pretty smart despite her earlier feelings about them since the chick starts to keep only the prettiest/best rocks..and her favorite toys in the bag.  She gets rid of rocks she picks out and replaces them with better rocks, but never rocks or toys she was given always knowing the difference.

Still figuring out a few more things about the full grown rock bird male and female difference.  One I like is that while neither female or male can fly the females have big enough wings to allow them to get high in the jungle trees.  Then they flutter down to pounce.  Male’s may still have the claws on their wings more like raptor arms but I’m not to sure yet.  I’m also thinking about the main colors of the rock birds.  I went for red as a place holder for the female chick.

Also Kajout’s markings are a pain in the butt.  I took out the ones from her hair/dreads.  I think I’ll keep them out and just keep the simple line going down them.  So her side view shows them since it was done before everything else.  I’m trying to simplify her markings enough that they’re easy to do over and over but also are at least interesting to look at as well.

Kajout, the Kasaeda and the rock birds are my babes.

Editor’s Pick Wednesday

We love a good stake-out fic.  That probably stems from that if-there’s-an-iced-tea-in-that-bag tête-à-tête from Tooms that has become one of the most iconic scenes in MSR history: Tight quarters for hours on end, low murmured voices, unintentional slips that maybe reveal more than either had anticipated, you get the idea.  Today’s fic is a quick read that takes place post-Arcadia.  The banter is on point and the conversation is one we wish would have actually taken place.  

Title:  The Third

Author:  Susanne Barringer

Rating:  PG

Length:  8K / 4,000+ word count

Synopsis:   Mulder and Scully, a car, a late night, lots of conversation, iced tea. 

Spoilers:  Through Arcadia

Possible Triggers:  None

anonymous asked:

What does it take to get ur attention. I would love to treat you to a night out

It’s pretty easy. Show up to wherever I am with a bag of chick fil a and you’ll have my attention for sure