I don’t know why I act like its Illegal to post stuff about The Solstice on tumblr but here you go yes.  Some of this stuff is just concept work other stuff is ripped from the pages I’m working on!

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Finished!!! I’m so happy with this peace, I think it really describes a happy outing in the usually chaotic lives of my characters in the Solstice. Once I graduate I’ll be able to finally start this comic for real. I’ll be posting character bios and little teasers of the series throughout! So if you like theater of the absurd style comedy, mystery, action, satire, and more puns than you can shake a stick at please consider reading my comic in the future!! ;v; 

From left to right you have Kouki, Smit, Hanz, Daiki, Chicho, Hachi, Takashi, and Minori! 

You can find out more about them I’m my Solstice tag! Thank you so much for your support as always, you’re all wonderful people to me!

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I’ve been a little hung up on Solstice art to do much Fanart, so I hope you don’t mind some concept art as my post for tonight guys! 

More Solstice here if you’re interested! 

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