people that try to deny the fact sasuke cares about sakura saying:"in a shounen there isn't place for feelings and love ..." and when you answer: "but dragon ball is a shounen and goku and vegeta loves chichi and bulma" they sais: goku doesn't love chichi .... chichi was there only for the plot ...

me : what kind of drugs are you using??? 

People ask me why I like GokuxChiCh, even Dragon Ball is just shounen-and practically almost never have scenes together. It is simply because the two are totally cute together. Their marriage was a "promise" and must surely have had that initial ice, no one knew if they really loved each other or not. But every scene that appears with ChiChi with Goku I see that there is love between this two. Yes, ChiChi is VERY annoying sometimes with Goku because of fights, but look her side: her husband cares more about fighting than be with her. I think she already comprehensive enough to have never given up on him, even though he died a lot of times.