It’s crazy re-watching the End of Z episodes and realizing that everything that’s currently happening in Super happens BEFORE End of Z.

It makes you wonder, how will Toriyama tie Super to the final chapters/episodes of Z? Will Beerus and Whis, as gods, decide to no longer be affiliated with the mortals on Earth to prevent the dangers that transpired in Super to happen in the future? Will everyone have their memories of the events of Super erased?

Toriyama mentioned that the end of Super will make people believe that he planned it all from the beginning.

T-That’s so much pressure… (sweat). But I think it’ll be really cool to help Dragon Ball someday reach its final chapter.

Oh, that’s good! People will go “Wow, Toriyama-sensei planned it all out from the beginning!” and I’ll look really cool (laughs).