chichester canal

J.M.W Turner

So I don’t post about art so much anymore, but this man was is my favourite pre-modern-era painter.  
Turner, who was part of the “Romantic” movement,is often credited with raising the profile of Landscape painting in a time when history painting was the “en Vogue” and is commonly knows as “The Painter of Light” - and for good reason! His works show such a command of light that is unparalleled by almost any other painter of the romantic period.

My favourite of his works is his “Chichester Canal”(below) and while when I learnt about him I didn’t hold him in very high regard, the most attention I pay to his beautiful work, the more I fall in love with it!

If you’ve never encountered Turner before I'd suggest looking him up - he makes for a damn good read and his paintings will blow you away.