funny how gators always bring up the fact that Bayonetta was created by a woman to argue against the game being sexist (not that i agree its sexist).

yet nowhere in his video does Mundane Matt acknowledge the fact that Sucker Punch was co-produced by a woman. 

not only that, its also a great example of that “why did the GGer cross the road?” post

Some lovely marinated oven baked chicken for lunch ^^

Ingredients :

Teriyaki sauce
Finely chopped Garlic
Finely chopped Ginger
Black pepper
A pinch of salt
freshly ground cashew nuts
Italian herbs
Coconut oil (for greasing)

Yummy goodness 😆

strawberrysnakes asked:

CHICEKN NUGGETS FROM MCDONALDS ARE GREAT, but stop making big deals about him eating things, i know it always bothers me when my parents make a huge deal out of me ordering a salad or something and it makes me feel uncomfortably on display and embarssed

No we didn’t we went though the drive through because I wanted french fries and he was like “could I have some nuggets” and we were like 😮 “yeah sure babe” and he only had 4 but like HOLY SHIT -Niall