Been working on my Freddy Fazbear cosplay, in terms of design, it takes a little bit of all the different incarnations in the series, minus Funtime Freddy. Theres still a lot I have to do to it but its coming along well so far I think ;3


My first handmade full costume and I had such a great time and LOVE wearing the Mangle! Ubcon 2015 was so much fun and I’m sad that it’s already over :c

Thanks to everyone who took pictures and hung out with us, Ive never had so much fun XD

Creeping down hallways, sneaking up on people, and holding completely still was awesome XD I loved being creepy and people loved us for it!


Mini FNAF photo shoot from my phone at Anime Oasis Shine


Foxy :: Lord of Dinosaurs (me)
Toy Chica :: moonstruckcosplay
Toy Bonnie :: kaeasaurusrex
Mangle :: haelkei
Jeremy Fitzgerald :: idahojones


Our fnaf group from ROFcon!! Taken by the wonderful and stellar yenra photography!! He’s spectacular please follow his blog or look at his FB page it’s worth the beauty!!
Bonnie bigheromadoka
Golden freddy princessukennydesu
Foxy smeriic
Chica nauticalnauseousness / hairbinger

“Enjoy your five long nights,
Kick back and grab a slice”

(All cosplays done by me, DO NOT repost anywhere else without asking for permission or giving me credit)