kiyo-san asked:

Hey, Pole :3 Over spring break I'm going to (hopefully) make Chica and Spring Trap cosplay outfits!!! In your design, of course c: (Also, YOU'RE AN AMAZING ARTIST!!!)

Ohh Good


Our fnaf group from ROFcon!! Taken by the wonderful and stellar yenra photography!! He’s spectacular please follow his blog or look at his FB page it’s worth the beauty!!
Bonnie bigheromadoka
Golden freddy princessukennydesu
Foxy smeriic
Chica nauticalnauseousness / hairbinger


I did it! This is a little Chica cosplay.
I really enjoyed doing this but now I’m embarrassed ;-;
I did the “let’s eat” thing in 6 minutes and using markers and lame material, so that’s why it looks so… Bad.
Anyway, I love this one. I really do.
rebornica look, Rebby, I tried to cosplay your goddess! I hope you’ll like it!