chicano graffiti

New Arrivals: LOWRIDER - Vol.1, No.2 (February / March 1977).

Scarce second issue of this long-running magazine on lowrider art and culture. Lowrider began as a small, low-budget publication, sold in Chicano neighborhoods and auto shops in San Jose and the surrounding areas. Immensely popular almost immediately, highlighting the various happenings in the lowrider community, car clubs, and of course, a heavy emphasis on Chicano street art, graffiti, and prison artwork. A hugely influential publication still in print to this day, and one that focused on lowrider culture long before the hip-hop community became obsessed with it. Early issues are seldom-seen, and extremely uncommon.

I would see this kid all the time especially at a store on  Alvarado and Sunset by Dodger stadium every since he was a baby around the area he is only 13 or 14 here when he got this tattoo  he’s about 20 now  I have not seen him for a while maybe a year or more. He’s as you can see from Temple st gang  in Echo Park