Outfit of the Day gifsets >> “Oh honey, I may seem down but I can kick still your ass.”

These past few days have been kinda rough. Except for that Halsey/MGK OTP that came to life before my eyes on Roadies last night.  I’d like to imagine that this outfit is their love child. Halsey’s attitude with MGK’s style in clothing.

Sad girls game unbeatable. 

The term “punk” is so overused and general now, it’s sad. The term is now meant to advertise edgy fashion to youth, and is so fucking general. I see so many “punks” on tumblr that preach about how having a “punk” look is mandatory to be punk. It’s such fucking bullshit. 

If punk is about non-conformity and individualism, then why the fuck would you exclude or discredit someone from the scene just because they don’t fall in line with the fashion? Dressing punk doesn’t make you punk. All you need to do to be punk is believe in the ideologies and listen to punk music. If you believe that punks have to fall into a certain “dress code” to be punk, then you obviously don’t believe in the ideologies of punk rock. 

Ian MaCkaye of Minor Threat is anti-fashion, and the members of Bad Religion, Lagwagon, Pennywise, Black Flag, and many other bands don’t dress “punk”. Are you saying that bands that the punk culture idolizes aren’t punk because they don’t wear battle vests or crust pants? That’s a bunch of bullshit. 


Blackout the day before my birthday?! Okay.


Stop sleeping on us alternative/punk/goth/metal black women. Women who cosplay. Women who strive. This is a slept on breed of women who work harder than everyone else to feel comfortable in our own brown skin because we’re constantly being categorized as ghetto or ugly. Our hair is stronger because we dye it to be individual. Our skin is tougher because we have to fight harder in the moshpit just to have a good time. 

Our lives are rare because we’ve been shut down by so many people and I’m here to tell you that we aint going nowhere. Happy blackout to all my fellow weirdos. Don’t be afraid. It’s your time to shine. I don’t care what size you are, what length or color your hair is, where you’re from, what kinda job, career, school you go to, what band you like, I don’t care. 

Alternative black girls… I am here for you. We’re the weirdos here. 

Happy Blackout.
10 Black Punk Bands You Need To Listen To
Punk's not dead, and these 10 black punk bands from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Mozambique and more show it.

“Black punks stand out like a sore throat and their presence can be questioned. In reality, they’ve been present from punk’s heyday with artists like Bad Brains, National Wake and Poly Styrene making history.

Black punks, if anything, are some of the last vanguards of a punk movement that’s been co-opted by the mainstream. They fight two battles: to create their own space inside their punk communities, as well as inside black culture.

Black punks have to reconcile these cultures, and are thus more authentic, rebellious, bold and not afraid to be involved politically.

Punk’s not dead, and these 10 black punk bands show it.”

Just a reminder

• You don’t need to be white to be punk
• you don’t need to be skinny to be punk
• you don’t need dyed hair to be punk
• you don’t need to drink to be punk
• you don’t need to dress punk
• you don’t need to have piercings
• you can be whatever you want in punk

Most importantly make your own definition of punk. And don’t be a cunt and argue about it.