The Pinto is coming along nicely.

Was having issues with the rear brake. Took a bit of trial and error to get the right pads for it but I went up to MOPED and Will helped me out.

Was able to re-mount the rear wheel with 0 issues and it spins very smooth.

Installed a new 70cc O-Ring head on the cylinder which bolted up with no problems. Fixed the fucked up spark plug threads that my old K-Star had.

Was able to sneak a sleek looking LED taillight under the lip where the shocks meet the seat/frame. I’ll have to wire that into the rest of the bike tonight.

Also need to run cables for it. Brakes, Clutch and Throttle. Got a whole new set of Magura throttle and brake controls that not only look great but they also FEEL great. I wasn’t a fan of the brakes I had which had no return-spring. I like the tension on the brake handles.

I’m getting very close to having this bike finished and ready for the riding season. Just odds and ends before testing and tuning next week. Need to pick up some ATF as well.