I was telling friends about how, using a hoodie and a wide scarf, I have developed a method of dressing where only my eyes are exposed, which has been necessary lately. One of them reminded me I own a pair of steampunk goggles, thus rendering even my eyes safe from the cold. I gave it a try and I’m pleased with the result. 

I never post photos of myself but I think this one really caught the essence of my personality. 

A crowd gathers while authorities remove the victims’ bodies in the aftermath of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, 2122 N. Clark Street, Chicago, 1929. Photograph by the Chicago Daily News, Inc.

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A Guide to Backing Up Your Tumblr Blog

(Alternatively: Eheu, Tumblr! Eheu, NHL! Eheu, my weary index finger…and other beseechments uttered at two A.M. in the morning).

With the sudden deletion of a popular and much beloved giffer’s Tumblr this week, I would strongly recommend that all content creators in hockey fandom backup their blogs. 

While no reason or forewarning was given to @sheercompulsion (now @sheerc), one possibility is that the NHL could be cracking down on people who are making game gifs (which may involve copyrighted video), so giffers may want to backup their gifs and other posts so they won’t lose several years’ worth of memories and work in the case of a sudden deletion. 

In essence, when you’re leaving your work up to the whims of a company’s database, it’s best to take the time to make sure it doesn’t all get lost.

EDIT: I have tagged all the gif makers I know of; please feel free to tag others not mentioned here: @carnavaldhiver, @kanerboo, @glovesdropped, @seabsieboys, @allthebros, @sheerc, @eberbae, @jamiebenntrash, @starafar, @blackcherrycoke, @tazertantrum, @swt-serendipity, @kanerily​, @stars-benn,

Below the cut, please find: A Brief Guide to Backing Up Your Tumblr Blog

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This is what I tweeted to Derek:

I can’t help but feel disappointed about the way Chicago PD is going this season. It’s my favourite show and that’s why I’m so passionate about it and why I want it to do well. And I think that positive and negative feedback are both important so, respectfully, here is my opinion:

It used to be promoted as “not your dad’s average procedural” and the first two seasons were exactly that. There was a great balance between personal and professional. We saw the characters outside of work, with friends and family and it helped us get to know them and fall in love with them. It made us care that they go home at the end of the day. It made us get invested in the different relationships between them, and it made us want to see more of that.

However, in s3 there has been so much focus on the cases that the show is slowly becoming a typical procedural. The reason why most people tune in, from what I have seen, ARE the characters that we fell in love with in the previous seasons, and the fact that we don’t get to see their personal lives disappoints many of us.

Erin and Jay, who had such a well-written build-up in s1 and 2, finally got together only for us to barely see them as a couple. I have seen people wondering if they missed an episode where they break up because Linstead don’t act like they’re together. Why did they officially “come out” as a couple only for their relationship to barely be mentioned? Since episode 8, there have been no indicators that they’re anything other than partners and that saddens me, because they used to have such amazing scenes together. It’s ironic that we saw more of them together when they were sneaking around than now, when they’re supposed to be officially and proudly together. I don’t need to see them make out in every episode. But there needs to be casual intimacy to show that they’re more than partners. We saw that in episodes 2x11-2x16 and again in 3x07 and 3x08, so I don’t understand why suddenly there is no room for that on the show.

But it’s not just Linstead I’m disappointed about. Character development is lacking for all characters this season. What happened to Antonio’s family? I understand that the actors don’t live in Chicago, but there haven’t even been mentions about his personal life. We have barely seen him at the gym he bought, too.

Why did we see so much of Alvin debating whether or not to open the paternity test only for that storyline to be dropped? Are he and Michelle still living at Adam’s? Is he trying to reach out to Meredith and Lexie? I personally really loved his efforts to make amends with them in previous seasons so the lack of attempt this time around baffles me.

When will we learn about what Jay and Mouse went through? There have been hints here and there but we don’t get the full story. Jay is such an interesting character with many layers that have yet to be explored. I understand that this is only the 3rd season, but when Will told Erin that Jay had been “going through” something I thought it would soon be revealed. I have a hard time believing Erin would know that he had been through something traumatic and not care to ask. His family story has also only been hinted at. Mouse is a very interesting character, too, my favourite addition to the show, and I’d love to learn more about him.

What is going on with Kevin? Will there be consequences to what he did for that Captain’s son? And will we see his little sister again? I loved his relationship with her. The episode focused on him, “Prison ball”, was one of the best the show has had, in my opinion.

It really saddens me that the show has suddenly changed its formula to focus on cases. Don’t get me wrong, there have been amazing episodes this season. But “it’s a cop show” seems like a bit of an excuse to me. It is a cop show and we all know that. However, the previous seasons are proof that the balance between personal and professional can be done brilliantly. Yes, the cases have to be interesting but it’s your characters that make people tune in. It’s your characters that people fall in love with and want to see not only kicking ass on the job, but having lives outside of work, too. I would love to see the focus shift back onto them.