A Muslim woman was jumped by a few Chicago police monsters. They profiled her, ganged up on her, took of her hijab, grab her back pack full of food to break fast with, interrogated her with uneducated and unlogical questions such as "why are you carrying food?", "why are you covering your body?", stripped searched her after arresting her for not conducting herself properly to the monsters who jumped her, all the while the Internet bigots add more ridicule to not only her but the religion she so proud fully carries with support full comments such as Islam teaches Muslims to kill white people and non believers. It is incidents like this that has me locked in my room with my phone off and my head in my pillows. I never thought I would live a world as such as this one, where bad guys walk freely after tearing a nation with war and genocide and innocent people who walk with conviction and purpose are left naked and bloody. I'm one more bad news from drowning myself in a sea full of sharks. Someone please do something. Someone please say something. Men, where are you? Why are you turning into monsters? BTW, fuck you Chicago and fuck you social injustice.

A young Chance the Rapper’s dedication to Chicago.


We’re throwing another comedy festival: Presenting the 2nd Annual 26th Annual Comedy Festival

The line-up includes John Mulaney, Weird Al, thesimpsonsfox writers, theonion writers, Eric Andre, kylekinane, joemande, Adam Resnick, The Katydids, 7 Minutes In Purgatory, and more.

Tickets for all shows will go on sale this Friday, March 20 at noon via (where you can also find more information), except for John Mulaney, which is on sale now. Below you’ll find the daily schedule. Some of these will sell out fast, so don’t snooze! Also, be on the lookout for more announcements, as well as some very special aftershow action at the new Virgin Hotel Chicago. (Might wanna follow them on Twitter, too—just sayin’.)

More details at

Visit for tickets and more event info

The RedEye wants you to go to our show tonight if you’re in Chicago! It’s free! It’s BYOB! It’s in Logan Square.

Tonight’s show has been mentioned on/in NPR/WBEZ,, ChiBoulevards, I AM Logan Square, LoganSquarist, The Chicago Reader, Time Out Chicago, and more.

7pm. 2630 N. Milwaukee at Uncharted Books.

FREE BEER courtesy of Powell Brew House (local!!!).

With performances by:

CoYS producer Odinaka *OD* Ezeokoli Tim Barnes (Explosion Bus: Talent Scouts Honor) Lane Pieschel (Your Funniest Friends) Caitlin Bergh (Performance Anxiety, LadyBros, The Moth) C.J. Toledano (Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Onion News Network) and our headliner Tyson Karrasch (Just For Laughs)   Hosted by CoYS producer Charlie Rohrer

I love this show so hard and I think you will too! TONIGHT and the first Thursday of every month.