Fed Up Fest Band Application 2016
Fed Up Fest seeks to elevate the music and visibility of queer & trans people engaging with and confronting white supremacist, heteropatriarchy and actively challenging microaggressions, cultural appropriation, and rape culture in our punk & hardcore scenes. We're looking for bands that are queer as an adjective AND queer as a verb. We're a collective of punks who want to have fun at shows rather than feel afraid, and see the necessity in actively seeking ways to destroy what destroys us (FTP, ACAB, etc.). With all of that in mind, we especially encourage Black and non-Black people of color to apply to play Fed Up Fest. We recognize the importance of prioritizing marginalized communities as a mode of combating the perpetual whitewashing of our punk & hardcore scenes. Lastly, bands comprised ENTIRELY of cis, straight, white people need not apply. Again, we are explicitly seeking to elevate queer and trans -- particularly POC -- visibility and music in punk & hardcore scenes. Thanks for applying!

The band application for this year’s fest is now open!

Fed Up Fest 2016!

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