Went to Chicago for the Pride Parade. While I was getting food a man walked up to me and asked for money. He said he was homeless and hungry. He wanted to buy some chicken. I didn’t really know what to do and I was kind of scared to say no so I gave him $5.00. Some of my friends said I shouldn’t have given him the money because he was probably going to use it to buy drugs but I was afraid to say no. Plus I felt like if I said no I would be a really terrible person and that’s not a good feeling. Oh well, I just wanted to write about that. In other news, the parade was really fun!

The parade was a success. Karen and I showed up a bit late (never making that mistake again), but it was all good. It was a blast! I was twerked on by a guy in a g-string, kissed on the cheek by a pretty lesbian and complimented on my mediocre made high waist shorts. The only down part is when the guy who looked like Gary Sinise butted me out of the way. I was sad. I was also burnt by a cigarette, but that’s okay. Overall, it was hot, sweaty, glittery and a ton of fun! My first Pride Parade was incredible :) It makes me appreciate my city more than I usually do.