My sister and I lingering downtown after the Single Ladies Brunch, Sculpture is “Look into my dreams, Awilda” by Jaume Plensa

So I had avery productive day back on the taking care of business wagon! Amongst otherthings I got that little issue resolved with the domain name for my Portfolio site, its finally! However if the people I recently gave my business card to are checking for me they can still find me at the address on the card.
I also signed up for Model Mayhem today, there’s a review process so though I’m signed up, my profile isn’t visible yet. I’m anxious to meet some wardrobe and makeup and hair people as well as models and get the collaborations going.
Got some reading done, I’ll be finishing ‘Ghana Must Go’ tomorrow and may even do a book review/op-ed on it, we’ll see. I still didn’t get to the last and probably the most important thing on the list, which was to start the writing for this grant, I did attend the workshop for it and am feeling like writing it won’t be as much of an issue for me as doing the research necessary tomato me a contender to receive funding. I plan to dedicate 4 entire hours to that tomorrow. Which will still have me in great shape as you can’t start applying until Friday and the grant closes Mary 15, I plan to submit on Monday. Wish me luck!

Originally posted April 9 2015

This photoshoot featuring myself and @therealpokahontas was supposed to be dropping Valentine’s Day but then she went and tore some shit up. So. This Sunday there’s an even better photoshoot debuting on my blog. 

Love to my second shooter @jager-papi for bringing this to life. © @jaseminedenisephotography

My top is from Nasty Gal, because everyone always asked. (Get you some.)

I have absolutely no desire to fit in

IG: @christophermarrs

Ladies and gentlemen, this Chicago model is in full slay mode. She needs your help! saintmortis is trying to win this giveaway on Instagram to become a promotional model for a company she really cares about. 

All we ask you guys to do is give her photo a like on the company’s official IG page so that she can have her chance. Maybe if she wins, she’ll let me drop this full amazing photo session over at jaseminedenisephotography

Guys, help me help her help you by liking this photo.