Scans of the Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med poster

(These are MY scans. I thought I’d share them here cause I know a lot of people have been looking for them. I hunted high and low all night for this magazine, so I tagged the scans with my username on social media in case someone reposted it. But please don’t repost without credit to me. Thanks you guys and enjoy! :))

If you’re going to repost on instagram or twitter TAG ME (@katiedtellez) and don’t tag over my tags please… thanks.

Okay, so. We got a promo for Chicago Fire. Which doesn’t return until Oct 13. We didn’t get one for Chicago PD which returns on Sept 30. Why. Why you gotta do this to me. I need a promo ugh. But I hope there will be one shortly. I mean, they released one for Chicago Fire, they should release one for PD as well. Especially, since that show comes back two weeks before Fire.