Kirk Svensson board sliding a warped piece of concrete on the edge of Lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois. I was interested more in the photo of him crossing over to the spot. The water was high this day and most of the landing was obscured. You had to jump off immediately after you landed. This spot was far north from the city. We pushed on the bike path from a sunny central loop, and as we got closer the fog thickened dramatically. While we were riding the spot we heard dance music playing so loud that it seemed like we were at a concert. A yacht emerged from the cloud of fog with people in bathing suits partying on the deck, it was quite surreal. Outtake from the D.T.D.F. series.

Chicago River Sunset Pano 001

The 333 N Michigan Avenue Building and the twin towers of Marina City are two of the historic, iconic buildings you can see in this sweeping panorama of Chicago River at sunset.

Chicago River Sunset 003

The orange, pink, and purple hues of the setting sun reflect off of the Chicago River and skycrapers including the twin corncob-shaped towers of Marina City in Chicago, IL.