Vivian Le
To Carry the Return of Spring
Digital media

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! It is the year of the fire monkey. I was born on 1992 which makes me a monkey as well. This year is our year to kick all the ass. Hence why Sun Wukong is here– in all his fiery glory. For those who can’t read Chinese or my sloppy attempt at cursive script, it says 金猴抱春归. This literally means ‘the golden monkey carries in its arms the return of spring.’ There are a few ways to interpret this (or maybe just one way and I am just unsure of what it really means ha). 

Spring represents a new beginning, start of the cycle, growth, vitality, etc. This year of the fire monkey will be fresh yet progressive. It’s an appropriate phrase that my cousin-in-law recalled. I hope all of you that are celebrating have had a more productive day in cleaning than I. I wish you all lots of good food and time with family and friends, especially during these next 2 weeks and a healthy, prosperous year to come. 新年快乐, 恭喜发财!

anonymous asked:

I've never seen Chicago, I have no idea what it's about, with that in mind your "Derek shoots his husband for obnoxious gum chewing" has given me the following image: Derek Hale in black slacks, a loose white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, suspenders, and a little hat like a 1920s reporter sort of look sneering like he does at the bouncer in 3B's Halloween episode and just being completely cocky as he goes off singing about how his husband had it coming because he (1/2)

because he JUST. WOULDN’T. SHUT. UP. And then Stiles, because he is the ULTIMATE, ULTIMATE, ULTIMATE little crap sack, casually walks up to him and blows a bubble with his bubble gum and pops it as loudly as he can and everyone is quiet because they’re pretty sure Derek is about to murder again with his bare hands alone this time and then Stiles smacks him on the ass and winks and Derek is just too stunned to speak much less murder and that’s how Stiles is still alive in all honesty. 

I AM SCREAMING SO MUCH RIGHT NOW. This has got to be in my top ten Sterek images ever. Oh my god, IT’S EVERYTHING I NEVER KNEW I NEEDED.