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Eli and I got a drone for New Zealand but unfortunately it didn’t arrive till literally the day before we left. It was nice to have on our trip but we weren’t confident in our ability to not crash it. Since coming back home, I’ve been slowly practicing and getting the hang of flying it. 

I officially feel confident that I won’t land it in the lake or accidentally fly it into a building and it’s so fun to see everything from a totally fresh perspective! 

- Sandy Noto

Location: Lake Michigan, Chicago 

Double Major

Michael Latta x Reader

Team: Chicago Blackhawks

Warnings: asshole exes

POV: Second

michael latta one where the girl is going through a breakup and shes just a mess and but he doesnt know that and she calls him over and they just kinda cuddle on the couch and michael holds her while she cries and stuff

I wrote this late last night, so I’m sorry for any mistakes.

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It took you a minute to realize the doorbell was still ringing. You were currently sprawled across the kitchen counter, the water still running and your phone was still in your hand. 

“Fuck,” You mumbled, realizing you had fallen asleep while on the phone with Michael. As for why the water was going, you had no idea.

You turned off the tap and quickly rushed to the door, the doorbell now turning into Michael calling your name.

“Michael, calm down!” You sighed, throwing open the door. 

He blinked at you for a little and then spoke. “I thought you died or something.”

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