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Heller House by Frederick Nachman
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The Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house at 5132 S. Woodlawn Ave. has 16 rooms in 6,100 square feet. It was completed in 1897 and is on the market for $2.5 million.

MAY 17: Lena Waithe (1984-)

Happy birthday to actress and screenwriter Lena Waithe!! If you haven’t seen her in the Netflix series Master of None, it’s time to add it to your summer watch list.

Lena is currently working on a yet-to-be-announced drama series for Showtime that will be set in her hometown of South Side Chicago (x). 

Born on this day in 1984, Lena grew up in Chicago, Illinois and was raised by her mother and grandmother. She has had her sights set on becoming a television writer ever since she was seven-years-old. After graduating from Columbia College Chicago in 2006, one of Lena’s first gigs was writing for the Fox television series Bones; she was also a producer on the 2014 film Dear White People and the creator of the 2011 viral video “Shit Black Girls Say.”

Lena’s first big acting gig was on Aziz Ansari’s Netflix series Master of None in 2015. Although her character Denise was originally written for a straight white woman who was to be one of the show’s main love interests, the head writers and producers completely flipped the script after meeting Lena for the first time and changed the character of Denise to be a black lesbian. Lena wrote the breakout “Thanksgiving” episode of the second season of Master of None (it just hit Netflix last week!), which centers the character of Denise and the experience of coming out of the closet in a black family. On the topic of representation, Lena says: “I don’t know if we’ve seen a sly, harem pants-wearing, cool Topshop sweatshirt-wearing, snapback hat-rocking lesbian on TV…I know how many women I see out in the world who are very much like myself. We exist. To me, the visibility of it was what was going to be so important and so exciting.”


I don’t want it to be a one night stand: C.G**

So it’s 10:31pm when I started this, it’s Sunday and I have school tomorrow but well writing imagines lighten up my mood. So here it is. Also there might be some ‘I’ instead of ‘you’ through out it as I’m writing a fanfic. So excuse those errors.
WARNING: SMUT so sex, swearing etc etc Carl Gallagher.

It was your night out in south side Chicago, which really means going to the Alibi and ending up somewhere the next morning without knowing where or how you got there.You walked in to see the Alibi just as packed as it normally is which really isn’t that full, the Gallagher family over in the left side of the room arguing about god knows what, Syvetlana with Yevgeny, V and the twins talking, while Kev is over tending the bar and arguing with Frank about his ‘tab’ that never gets paid. You walked over to the bar “Move it Frank.” He complained “Oh shut the fuck up.” You pushed him out of his seat and proceeded to sit down “The usual Kev.” He passed over the usual rum and coke, you sat there slowly drinking it when this guy walked over, he said “Hey cutie.” You smiled “Hey there handsome.” He smiled “Let me get you a drink, my name is Carl Gallagher. Kev give this lovely lady a shot.” You laughed “Y/N Y/L/N.” Kev passed you a shot “Be nice Carl, Y/N is like my sister.” Carl said “Wait what? You know here and you didn’t introduce me to her? What the fuck Kev.”

You laughed “Maybe cause I would of introduced myself eventually.” That whole night was consisting of you and Carl drinking and laughing with Kev, Fiona his older sister informing us she was going home with Liam, Debbie, and a drunk Lip. Kev was closing for the night when he slid Carl a bottle of some drink he made. Carl grabbed your hand and led you outside when he called his brother you think Ian to come pick you two up.

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Artist Taryn Simon’s series of works, The Innocents, documents the lives of people who have served long prison sentences for crimes they did not commit.  Each photograph depicts the subject at a site relevant to their incarceration, such as the scene of the crime, arrest, or alibi.  The Innocents has been exhibited worldwide, and you can view the accompanying documentary here.

From top to bottom:

  • Charles Irvin Fain, Scene of the Crime, Snake River, Melba, Idaho. Served 18 years of a death sentence.
  • Ronald Jones, Scene of arrest, South Side, Chicago, Illinois
. Served 8 years of a Death sentence, 2002
  • Frederick Daye, Alibi location, American Legion Post 310, San Diego, California.
 Served 10 years of a life sentence.
  • Vincent Motto, Scene of identification and arrest, Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Served 8 years of a 12 to 24 year sentence.
  • Calvin Washington, C&E Motel, Room No. 24, Waco, Texas
. Where an informant claimed to have heard Washington confess
. Served 13 years of a Life sentence for Murder

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Imagine: Visiting Your Lesbian Aunts, and Hanging Out With Lip.

Dom!Lip Gallagher x Sub!Reader

Warning(s): Smut, Oral, Submissive/Dominant

A/N: I was originally going to write a fluffy smut, but then I got the idea for this XD.

“Aunt Lisa!” You called out as you descended the stairs in their home. Not getting a reply, you groaned, heading towards the kitchen where your aunts seemed to be. Barging into the room, you whined at the sight of your aunts making out.

“Ew, I’m leaving. Didn’t come to visit to watch old people porn,” you grumbled, turning around and heading to the living room where your coat laid across the back of the couch. Grabbing it on your way out, you stepped out into the crisp winter breeze of south side Chicago. Jogging down the steps, you took a left, heading to the nearby corner store. The sound of hurried footsteps made you instinctively turn around, your fist already balled in case you needed to protect yourself.

“(Y/n)!” Ian called, jogging up to you, still wearing his EMT uniform. Your tense shoulders relaxed, as you smiled, throwing your arms up to give him a much needed hug.

“Damn Ian, I haven’t seen you since I moved away from the south side a year ago!” You exclaimed with a happy laugh, squeezing Ian with all your might. He let out a light chuckle before pulling away, keeping one arm around your shoulder as he lead you in the opposite direction you were going, heading back towards his house.

“You’re not getting away that easily, there’s so much I need to tell you. You gotta come say hi to Lip, he’ll be excited that you’re back!”

“I’m only back for a few weeks. I guess I’ll depend the night tonight so we can catch up,” you muttered, but it didn’t seem to faze Ian as he pulled you up the steps that lead to the front door of the Gallagher household. Letting Ian lead you inside, you grinned and let out a light chuckle.

“Oh the memories!” You said, patting the top of the couch, before spotting Liam in the kitchen, making you run over and tackle-hug the small child. “Liam!”

“Hi (Y/n),” he said with a small smile, shimming out of your grip to finish his lunch. Pouting, you turned to Ian who stood at the refrigerator with a smirk. Someone suddenly bounding down the stairs caught your attention, making you turn to see who it was with a smile.

“What’s with all the–(Y/n)?” Lip asked shocked, his eyes looking over your entire body for a second, before meeting your eyes.

“Hey Lip,” you said, standing up straight, before walking over to where he stood, frozen on the last stair. Wrapping your arms around him, you gave a quick playful peck to his cheek, before turning away. A loud beep made you look over to Ian, who looked at his phone for a second, groaning.

“Come on Liam, I forgot you had a doctor’s appointment. (Y/n) stay here okay? I should be back in an hour or so,” Ian said, grabbing his and Liam’s jackets, before walking over to give you a small hug goodbye.

“Sure,” you agreed, watching as Ian quickly got Liam ready, and was out of the door in a heartbeat. You stood still for a second, wondering what you should do, before remembering Lip still stood on the bottom step behind you. You whirled around, looking at Lip with a wide grin.

“Welp, what are we gonna do Lip?” You asked, putting your hands on your hips. His gaze dragged down your body once again, before he cleared his throat, looking away. He walked past you and to the refrigerator. Shrugging, you walked over as well, opting to take a seat on the counter rather than at the dining table. Watching silently as Lip drunk straight from the carton of orange juice, you raised an eyebrow to him expectantly.

“What?” He grumbled, not looking you in the eyes, instead deciding to search through the refrigerator as if something new would magically appear.

“Why are you acting so differently? You’ve never been this q–Is this because we had sex last time? Look, if it bothers you so much, I’ll le-” you started, but he quickly cut you off.

“No! It’s not…Look I…. Fuck it,” he muttered, before lunging towards you, connecting your lips in a fierce kiss. Your eyes immediately widened, surprised at his sudden change in attitude, before you closed them, kissing back with as much ferocity as him. His hands gripped the back of your knees, pulling you closer to the edge, and spreading your legs. You gasped as he lifted you up, carrying you in front of the dining table.

“Strip,” he growled out with a smirk. Nodding quickly, you immediately began stripping off the many layers you regretfully decided to wear today. After you were finished, you stood with your hands behind your back, staring at the floor, waiting for Lip’s command.

“On your knees,”

You gulped, half in anticipation, half because you didn’t know when/if someone would be coming home. Lip didn’t seem to care as he slowly unbuttoned his jeans, teasing you as he slowly pulled out his growing erection.

You licked your lips as he stepped closer, his hand slowly stroking himself. When his shaft was only an inch away from your mouth, you looked up into Lip’s eyes as you wrapped your parted lips around the head. He let out a deep breath, leaning his head back with closed eyes. Taking this as a good sign, you closed your eyes, relaxing your jaw as you took in more of him, making sure your tongue slowly swirled around him. Lip’s hands found the back of your head as you began to bob your head back and forth, only being able to take in about half of him; So you wrapped your hand around what was left. Sucking hard, you rejoiced as he let out a deep moan, his fingers tangling in your hair.

He let out a few more pants as you continued to suck and lick his length, before he pulled you up, pushing you back so you laid on the dining table. His fingers immediately found your wet core, earning a loud moan from your lips. You closed your eyes, biting your lip to try to contain the moans. Lip’s mouth found you neck, as he harshly began to suck bruises into it, his fingering pumping in and out of you. He quickly pulled away, bracing your hips as he rammed into you, making you yell out. He repeatedly rammed into you harshly, you not being able to contain your moans and screams anymore.

“Scream my name (Y/n),” Lip groaned out, picking up his pace to where you were barely breathing.

“Lip,” you gasped out, but it wasn’t good enough for him.

“Louder!” He roared, plunging deep inside of you. You felt your inside tingling, your toes curling as Lip continued to ram into you. You felt your orgasm come closer as you cried out.

“Lip!” You yelled as your orgasm hit, your legs tightening around his waist as your walls clenched around him. You squeezed your eyes closed as you let out another strangled moan. Lip let you ride out your orgasm, before he pulled out. He stroked himself a few times, before ejactulating over your stomach. Normally you would have cursed a guy out if he did this, but at the moment you were still coming down from the high your orgasm caused. Lip stepped to the side of the table, leaning down to give you a gentle kiss.

“Good girl,” he muttered, stroking your face.