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Pally/TJ - eyelashes, zoo, twilight (Sorry, I just remembered the time TJ went to Busch Gardens)

Tyler doesn’t say where they’re going, just takes Pally’s hand and doesn’t let go. He tugs him through the hotel lobby and onto the city streets, dodging tourists to slip down the metro station’s stairs and onto the red line.

“Where are you taking me?”

Tyler smiles, settling his backpack between his feet, and flicks his eyes up to the subway map over the train door. “Just a few stops.”

They switch lines at Lake and rise up above the city, rocking gently as they speed through old brick buildings, most with Cubs flags draped from their balconies. Pally spots a Blackhawks one and wrinkles his nose.

Tyler hides a giggle. “We’re in their territory, you know. Even if it is summer.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

The train takes a turn and the setting sun bursts through the window, casting colorful shadows on everyone’s faces. The sun sits prettily on Tyler’s eyelashes, fanned out along his cheeks. Pally watches him blink, check his phone, tilt his eyes just enough to catch him.


He chooses not to explain himself, to try and describe exactly what the warm light makes Tyler look like. It’d be impossible anyway. Or too full of clichés. He wishes he had a camera.

He’d take so many pictures of him.  

Tyler gets fidgety after Sedgwick and stands up before the train has come to a complete stop, announcing they’ve arrived at Armitage. He reaches for Pally’s hand again as they take the stairs down to street level, pulling him to the right toward the fading sunset.

They walk and they walk, passing little shops and restaurants and endless amounts of people until Pally’s certain they’re going to walk right into the lake.

“How much further?” If they were going to walk a mile, he would’ve worn better shoes.

“Not far.”

The sun finally slips under the horizon and the remaining light of it covers the city in true twilight. They dodge a pair of bicycles as they cross the street and a jogging path and then Tyler stops, spreading his arms out in announcement of their arrival.

It takes Pally a minute to find the sign. “The zoo?”

There’s an attendant near the locked gates and Tyler waves to him, pulling Pally over.

“Mr. Johnson, I presume?”


The attendant steps back from the entry with a tilt of his head. “Everything’s set up for you. Enjoy your night.”

“Did you,” Pally starts. “Tyler, did you buyout the zoo?”

He laughs and sets his backpack down to unzip it, pulling out two plastic champagne glasses and a very expensive bottle of champagne. “What’s the point in having money if I can’t spend it on you?”

“You bought out the zoo.”

“Only for two hours! Now here, pop this open so we can go see some animals. There’s a camel and penguins and lions an–.”

Pally pulls him to his lips, swallowing the end of his sentence. “I can’t believe you.”

Tyler sags into Pally’s arms, face softening. “Happy Anniversary.”

Pally kisses him again before popping the champagne and spilling it all over his hands, sipping at the foam bubbling over. Tyler tries to catch some of it in a glass and fails, giggling into another kiss and another after that.  

The lights of the zoo flicker on, bathing the paths and exhibits in warm white light. 

“Monkeys first?” Tyler asks.

Pally takes his hand. “Lead the way.”