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callmehabie  asked:

Ummm quick question. Are the restaurants in Permanence based on real places? Because I'm on my way to Chicago right now and vegetarian and not above taking food suggestions from a fanfic. =P

Sort of! The posh place that they will never go to ever again is Green Zebra - - and the veggie burger Kravitz eats while he’s with the derby team was one from the Chicago Diner’s menu -  

I’ve not been to either of those places tho, the only places I remember from Chicago are Lou Malnati’s and a Thai place on a strip mall (both of which are delicious, but that would be of more help if I could remember the Thai place’s name xD). 

Things I wanna see in Sense8 Season 2

Sun teaching Kala to fights with her fists. 

Kala teaching Sun to fight with her words. 

Will and Kala eating Chicago deep-dish pizza (vegetarian, of course).

Kala teaching Riley Indian chord progressions. 

Kala and Nomi having a girl’s night in and pampering each other. 

Kala showing Lito a Bollywood love story and Lito showing her a Mexican love story and them spending the whole night watching love movies from each others cultures. 

Kala and Capheus go to a dog park and pet all the dogs.