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Headcannon: Cress has never and will never use an umbrella

There are a couple of ways to interpret this and I can’t decide which way I like better.

  • Option one being that Cress, who spent the vast majority of her time in a satellite up to this point and who has had very little experience with simple Earthen devices, has terrible luck with umbrellas and just swears off using them before she ever gets a chance to use one properly.
    • The first time she even tried using one was during a particularly nasty thunderstorm in Chicago. Pounding rain, little pellets of hail, and worst of all, a fierce, driving wind. If you’ve ever tried to use an umbrella in similar conditions, you’ll know exactly how well that goes. Poor Cress ends up sprinting through the rain, getting soaked to the skin while wrestling with an umbrella that’s turned inside-out and flapping in the wind like some sort of demonic bat-creature (which is pretty terrifying even to someone who does use umbrellas on a regular basis).
    • At one point, someone gave her one as a gift. This happened:

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    • In fact, that—or similar technical malfunctions—happens with pretty much any umbrella she picks up. She holds quite a grudge over it and after a while, she simply refuses to try them.
  • Option two being that Cress just flat-out loves rain and refuses to use anything that would keep it away.
    • She obviously never got to experience it until she came to Earth, but prior to that, her long showers were one of the few comforts of life aboard her satellite. And stepping outside into a nice, steady rain reminds her of that feeling of comfort, just on a larger scale.
    • Also, there’s nothing quite so nice and exhilarating as walking in a light rain, with the droplets catching in her hair and the coolness of it raising little goosebumps on her arms as she jumps from puddle to puddle.
    • And if it’s raining harder, well, then it’s just a nice excuse to duck close to Thorne and hide under his flight jacket as they sprint to the nearest shelter to wait out the downpour.

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Ok ok OK. Holsom dads question: which one finds the doodles on the walls and makes bigger doodles out of them, and which one grabs the magic eraser?

Holster takes a year or two off work after the twins arrive. He has his hands full during the day with three kids under the age of four, so perhaps that’s why the first doodles in the hallway go unnoticed until Ransom gets home that day. It’s the first time any of their kids have done it, so Ransom takes a picture before they clean it. It happens a few more times, but Holster always texts him a picture before he cleans it. They text back and forth about what they think it’s supposed to be. 

BTW, they’re just scribbles. They’re ALL just scribbles. Scribbles that they decide to title “Amazon Jungle in a Thunderstorm”, “Chicago Cityscape at Night”, etc.

Ransom comes home one day to find a doodle that looks a little too good for a toddler. Evidently, Holster got bored and decided to “finish” the masterpiece during nap time. Ransom chirps him endlessly, but he also takes a picture anyway. He calls it “Unveiling of Nerdhusband” and prints the photo for his locker. Holster signs it.

Eventually they tape paper to the bottom of the walls just to be safe, especially once the toddlers discover markers are WAY more fun than crayons. They stop their occasional wall-doodles, but Holster still has his hands full because their oldest daughter, Grace, decides that she wants to grow up to be a dinosaur and attempts several times to colour her skin green. She succeeds in turning her entire arm green one time before Holster catches her. (Another time, she sees a woman with blue hair at the grocery store and decides that she wants blue hair too. Holster thinks she’s colouring in her book, but on closer inspection discovers it’s just a prop to keep the carpet clean while she “dyes” her hair.)

Evan, their oldest son, has an uncanny ability to tell the twins’ drawings apart. He gets it right 99% of the time and his dads are so freaking impressed and baffled.

Aunty Larissa likes to draw with the Holsom kids whenever she is lacking inspiration. It always helps.