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Chicago: Six reasons to visit

The Windy City is often overshadowed by its coastal counterparts, but with steely skyscrapers, culturally diverse neighbourhoods and the great outdoors nearby, it’s time to take another look at America’s second city.

The Italian job

Photo by Thomas Schweighofer on Unsplash

About 30 minutes west of downtown Chicago you’ll find Il Poveretto Café. The Melrose Park neighbourhood is known for Italian restaurants and this is a favourite. The owner, Frankie, treats everyone like family. The Italian village salad is the perfect starter, but save space for spumoni cheesecake.

Little India

Strolling down Devon Avenue, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re in India. Most come to dine, as there are plenty of superb Indian restaurants, including Annapurna, but don’t miss popping into the many sari shops - the colours are breathtaking.

Outdoor pursuits

Chicago is home to the 30km lakefront trail, a beautiful park space separating downtown Chicago from Lake Michigan. Dotted along the lakefront are 26 natural sand beaches where you can rent paddleboards, jet skis, and kayaks, or kick back with a nice cocktail at a beachside café.  If biking’s more your thing, head out onto the city’s 320km of designated bicycle lanes – Chicago was recently named the most cycling-friendly city in America. 

Tread the boards

Take a tour of the historic Chicago Theatre. Opened in 1921, it’s one of Chicago’s most iconic buildings, and the backstage wall is filled with autographs from showbusiness stars, including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Dolly Parton.

Retail therapy

Get your shopping fix on State Street, that great street, as the song goes, home to Macy’s, the second largest department store in the world. Then hop over the Chicago River to The Magnificent Mile. There you can enjoy jaw-dropping city skyline sights and be spoiled for choice with its 460 shops.

Sail away

No trip to Chicago is complete without hopping on the Chicago Architecture Foundation River Cruise. It’s amazing - you’ll learn why the city’s buildings are built the way they are and why the river flows backwards, plus you’ll get the lowdown on the newest skyscrapers.

Plan your Chicago holiday

Words by Maureen Mclafferty, British Airways’ Chicago airport manager

Photography by Sawyer Bengtson on Unsplash


The Chicago Blackhawks played their final game at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit tonight. Opened in 1979, the NHL Red Wings ownership made a bold move locating the arena in downtown Detroit when the city was attempting to revitalize the district amid crumbling urban blight. Around the same time, the NFL Lions and the NBA Pistons fled the city for Pontiac, Michigan, some 30 miles outside of downtown Detroit. My first visit to Detroit was 1980 when I attended a jazz festival in downtown Detroit. From that point, I spent the next  two decades traveling to Detroit for business on a regular basis. The Joe was the first NHL stadium outside of Chicago that I ever visited. I went to many games during those twenty years and still have vivid memories of seeing Steve Yzerman play in his rookie year. Having grown up a Blackhawks fan in Chicago during the “Original Six” era, I always loved the rivalry between the Hawks and the Wings. And having been to some other stadiums around the league, I have to say that Blackhawks and Red Wings fans are the most enthusiastic. Now, with the Blackhawks separated from the rest of the Original Six by conferences, they only play Detroit twice a year, once in each city. So the rivalry is gone and now The Joe will be gone. However, with the new arena opening later this year, the good news for Detroit is that now all the major sports teams - Red Wings, Pistons, Lions and Tigers - are all in the same vicinity, straddling the line between the Downtown and Midtown districts. Along with the Fox Theater, the Casino, and some good bars and restaurants, the city center has finally become the entertainment destination they were hoping to be back during my first visit in 1980.

Just A Little Bit of Your Heart | 2 | Harry Styles

A/N: Okay, take two! And forever salty about the first attempt being gone forever, but I like this version better, so it’s okay…

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“Well (Y/N), would you like to?”

In all honesty, the question caught me off guard when my eyes widen and immediately averted down to the sidewalk. Who wouldn’t be though? He’s gorgeous, and it’s not every day that a celebrity asked a random stranger out. They usually try to stick to their inner circles of people who are of the same social status. With him dressed in another long pea coat but in a dark blue hue that time, a cream knit sweater matched with skinny black jeans, and Chelsea boots, while I just wore, leggings, sneakers, an old crewneck, and beanie I had found in the back of my closet. It was clear that we didn’t belong together in the same circle. “Go out? With you?” I stated, looking back up to see him nodding his head, smiling fully with dimples exposed. “Like a d-date? I mean I’m no model or anything.” I joked then took a sip of the hot coffee before pulling my hands into the sleeves of my sweater to act as a better shield than the cardboard sleeve. 

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-”Pop”: Kaz (Honestly can you imagine Kaz shooting a man because an annoying habit of his got on his nerves because I can)

-”Six”: Nina (”Poison in his cup?” “I guess some guys just can’t hold their arsenic.”)

-”Squish”: Jesper (I don’t really know why for this one I just think it’s funny)

-”Uh-uh”: Wylan (They both are the “innocent” ones, in one way or another. Also, they both ask, “What am I doing here?”)

-”Cicero” (Velma): Inej (She performed in an acrobatics show)

-”Lipschitz”: Matthias (Idek for this one I just needed him to do something. I guess he could have also worked for “Uh-uh,” because they were both falsely convicted, but I thought Wylan worked better).