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The Lightning could be the first team in nhl history to defeat FOUR Original Six opponents in one playoff run, a feat only possible when its Chicago representing the West now.  Can this young, skillful team of a 22-year old franchise complete its annihilation of all things tradition, or will Chicago - in winning its third title in six seasons and the O6′s sixth this millennium - avenge its fallen brethren?  Why do I word that so seriously?


on point//drill/street rap fans take note

  • [this is an actual conversation that took place at a bdubs here in So Cal just after game 5 ended]
  • dude:*sees my Toews jersey* Why are you a Hawks fan? You’re in Southern California!
  • me:You caught me! I've lived in Anaheim for twenty-one years. But I also I lived in Chicago for six years, thus, I am a Blackhawks fan.
  • dude:You live in the same actual city as the Ducks?! You should be a Ducks fan!
  • me:I’m not going to change loyalty just because I move across the country; what kind of fan would I be then? What if you moved to the east coast next month? Would you dump the Ducks?
  • dude:Hell no! I'm a Ducks fan for life! Moving to a new state won't change that!
  • me:...did you /hear/ yourself just now?

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The Chicago Bears drafted just six players earlier this month, but the team added 17 undrafted rookie free agents to their roster following the conclusion of the NFL draft.

The majority of those players were signed immediately after the draft concluded, but some had to earn their spot on the roster during last week’s rookie minicamp.

The team’s six draft picks should all make the roster out of training camp, but the 17 undrafted rookies will have to prove their worth during minicamps, training camp and the preseason. Many of the undrafted rookies will be cut, but some could be assigned to the practice squad or even make the 53-man roster.

Going from an undrafted free agent to being on a 53-man roster is not easy, but former Pro Bowlers like Arian Foster and Wes Welker have proved in the past that impact players can still be found outside of the draft’s seven rounds.

Just ahead, we assess every Chicago Bears undrafted free agent’s chances of making the team’s final roster and project whether he will be cut, signed to the practice squad or make the final 53-man roster.

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31. You know about BURMY and how they come in different forms? Do you have a form of that there BURMY from somewhere on campus?… What, you don’t like ‘em?! They’re kind of mooshy and cute! [7 points]

I’m in the final stages of a dissertation right now, so a full page wasn’t in the cards for me this Scav, but important Pokémon research can’t be halted just because you have to write up important geological research, and what future Pokémon Professor Postdoc could resist enlisting Scavvies’ help in finding and documenting some of the many forms of Burmy unique to Chicago’s campus? Six teams answered the call and all did a fantastic job: clockwise from top left, we have:

  • the BJ team’s Burmy, caught near Mansueto
  • Breck’s Burmy, which built its cloak from concrete bits outside the Reg
  • Maclean’s Burmy, found in the Admin building, where I’m told it tried to blend in with the evil empire by building itself a Death Star for a home
  • Snell-Hitchcock’s Burmy, which sheltered itself in a cloak of book pages it found inside the Reg
  • Max Palevsky’s Burmy, which has covered itself in brick dust and paint chips from Max West
  • and BroStomp’s Burmy, which I am told hatched in a team member’s dorm room after finals and built its cloak from a discarded Media Aesthetics term paper.

Just look at those there BURMIES! Mooshy and cute to a one!

Judge Kat

day 7 san francisco
- slept in (we were beat x.x)
- toured the Pampanito submarine, something Sean’s been meaning to do since he declined when he was three. says it’s been a long time goal of his; it was amazinggggg owo
- lunch. i tried to swallow a sandy clam >.<
- Ghirardelli’s again. those ice creams tho.
- walked briefly through Chinatown; saw some interesting dried creatures o.o
- later that evening: gourmet food trucks & half-off tickets to an art museum – Friday evening traditions in Oakland! :D

day 8 san francisco
- dead again, so slept in again zzZZz
- flight at 2:20 local SF time, drank a bunch of coffee first
- arrival about 4-4.5 hours later in Chicago, 3 hrs difference, about 8:40 local Chicago time
- six hour drive with rental car back to Sean’s house o.o
- about 2500+ miles total across the USA that day!
- 5am arrival. BAM.

AMAZING TRIP. I’ll post pix later on ^_^

When we think of models and ad campaigns, there are likely a lot of images that cross our minds. Some are sexy, some are sweet, but almost all of them have something very basic in common: No matter what the ethnicity or gender of the model, they are always “perfect.” Perfect skin, hair, teeth, bodies—they all seem to be representing the standardized ideal of what is not only beautiful, but acceptable in our society. They are faces that don’t truly reflect the real nature of the consumer. Consumers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, skin types, and abilities, and while there are movements to diversify the faces that represent our goods and services, one woman wants to open the door for more than just different body types. Katie Driscoll, mother of six and Chicago-area photographer, wants to see a diversity of abilities in advertising so she started the campaign, Changing the Face of Beauty.

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