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The Chicago Blackhawks played their final game at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit tonight. Opened in 1979, the NHL Red Wings ownership made a bold move locating the arena in downtown Detroit when the city was attempting to revitalize the district amid crumbling urban blight. Around the same time, the NFL Lions and the NBA Pistons fled the city for Pontiac, Michigan, some 30 miles outside of downtown Detroit. My first visit to Detroit was 1980 when I attended a jazz festival in downtown Detroit. From that point, I spent the next  two decades traveling to Detroit for business on a regular basis. The Joe was the first NHL stadium outside of Chicago that I ever visited. I went to many games during those twenty years and still have vivid memories of seeing Steve Yzerman play in his rookie year. Having grown up a Blackhawks fan in Chicago during the “Original Six” era, I always loved the rivalry between the Hawks and the Wings. And having been to some other stadiums around the league, I have to say that Blackhawks and Red Wings fans are the most enthusiastic. Now, with the Blackhawks separated from the rest of the Original Six by conferences, they only play Detroit twice a year, once in each city. So the rivalry is gone and now The Joe will be gone. However, with the new arena opening later this year, the good news for Detroit is that now all the major sports teams - Red Wings, Pistons, Lions and Tigers - are all in the same vicinity, straddling the line between the Downtown and Midtown districts. Along with the Fox Theater, the Casino, and some good bars and restaurants, the city center has finally become the entertainment destination they were hoping to be back during my first visit in 1980.

View of a 1921 Auburn Beauty Six touring car. “Black Partridge saving Mrs. Helm” monument by Carl Rohl-Smith in background. Printed on front: “Kaufmann & Fabry Co., Chicago.” Handwritten on back: “Auburn Beauty Six, touring. Auburn Six, 1921.”

  • Courtesy of the National Automotive History Collection, Detroit Public Library

ok theres this binch in my class who said she’s like an ultimate kdrama fan since the ~earliest~ time (tf idk what time shes talking about lmao) and at first we’re cool talkin about kdramas to actors then she asked me whos my fave k-actor and i said, “yoo ah in bc hes brilliant like throw him roles and he’ll do it beyond your expectations. ” and shes like “whos that? is he a rookie?” BINCH IM ASHJFDHFKJDHIEUDFJDHKSLJF I WANTED TO CHOKE HER SO BAD TF I ALWAYS GET SO OFFENDED WHEN PEOPLE TALK AND/OR RAVE ABOUT KOREAN ACTORS AND DOESN’T EVEN MENTION YOO AH IN????????????????? LIKE??? THE ??? FUCK???? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??????????????????????????? I CAN’T HANDLE THE DISRESPECT OH MY GOD

“Seat 2C” (Part 3)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Modern AU)

Summary: Five years have passed since Bucky first sat in Seat 2C at the Academy Awards, and now he’s about to take the biggest step of his life.

For my queens who have made life a little sweeter for my sister.
@bovaria // @brighterlights // @buckyywiththegoodhair
Your stories made every injection, chemo session, and moment of pain a bit more bearable for her. And for that, I will be eternally grateful.

This marks the end of the “Seat 2C” series, and I want to thank everyone who’s given these characters their love. -j xx

pt. one pt. two → pt. three

“So tell me, what are your real thoughts about becoming the wife of a lit professor? You have to be a little annoyed his career isn’t super sexy.”

“Well, you’ve obviously never heard Bucky read Shakespeare, because ooh, Lord,” (Y/N) drawls as she coquettishly fans herself. She slowly turns around, careful to not wrinkle her custom-made Valentino wedding gown. “Hey Sam, you up for doing a Man-of-Honor duty?”

Sam punches his right fist into his left palm. “Hell yes!” he exclaims, jumping off of the couch he’s been lounging on for the past twenty minutes. “I’ll Man-of-Honor out of your request.”

(Y/N) opens a drawer in the vanity and pulls out well-worn book. She slides a note into the book before handing it to Sam. “If you could give this to Bucky, I’d greatly appreciate it,” she says.

Madame Bovary? Not exactly a storyline you’d want your life to mirror.”

“It’s the first book Bucky lent me from his personal library. He annotated the entire thing with anecdotes, questions, and thoughts. I always took it with me when I went overseas for work. When I went to Shanghai last month, I filled it in with my own thoughts.”

Sam lets out an exaggerated sighs. “He’s turned you into a literature bug. Unbelievable.”

“That’s what love does to a person. Now go,” (Y/N) dramatically comments before Sam jokingly curtseys and scoots out of the room. Once the door shuts, a pensive sigh escapes her lips as her eyes drop to the engagement ring she’s moved onto her right ring finger.

Ever since (Y/N) showed up at the Academy Awards two years ago with Bucky at her right arm and an engagement ring on her left hand, the media had been obsessed with obtaining information about the upcoming nuptials. Apparently details about the dress designer were much more interesting than her Oscars or six month “Chicago” stint on Broadway.

Lucky for (Y/N), her team understands her protectiveness of Bucky’s privacy. Thanks to their brilliance, the media is convinced the wedding is next week in Hawaii, when it’s actually today in the countryside of Italy.

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E-Unit Nose by Robert Thomson
Via Flickr:
The nose of MILW E9A 36A (ex-MRL 36, xx-INRD 100, nee-MILW 36A) on static display at Deer Lodge, Montana on October 22, 2015. Samsung Galaxy S5