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The Chicago Blackhawks played their final game at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit tonight. Opened in 1979, the NHL Red Wings ownership made a bold move locating the arena in downtown Detroit when the city was attempting to revitalize the district amid crumbling urban blight. Around the same time, the NFL Lions and the NBA Pistons fled the city for Pontiac, Michigan, some 30 miles outside of downtown Detroit. My first visit to Detroit was 1980 when I attended a jazz festival in downtown Detroit. From that point, I spent the next  two decades traveling to Detroit for business on a regular basis. The Joe was the first NHL stadium outside of Chicago that I ever visited. I went to many games during those twenty years and still have vivid memories of seeing Steve Yzerman play in his rookie year. Having grown up a Blackhawks fan in Chicago during the “Original Six” era, I always loved the rivalry between the Hawks and the Wings. And having been to some other stadiums around the league, I have to say that Blackhawks and Red Wings fans are the most enthusiastic. Now, with the Blackhawks separated from the rest of the Original Six by conferences, they only play Detroit twice a year, once in each city. So the rivalry is gone and now The Joe will be gone. However, with the new arena opening later this year, the good news for Detroit is that now all the major sports teams - Red Wings, Pistons, Lions and Tigers - are all in the same vicinity, straddling the line between the Downtown and Midtown districts. Along with the Fox Theater, the Casino, and some good bars and restaurants, the city center has finally become the entertainment destination they were hoping to be back during my first visit in 1980.

me: holy shit, whose live is actually coming to actual chicago, wanna go?
husband: who’s in it?
me: the… same people we saw last time? the guys who do whose live on a regular basis?
husband: oh, nah. we already saw them.
me: …you know it’s. it’s an improv show. it’s different every time. you know that, right?
husband: meh.

so anyway i’m going with my cousin and i’m so excited and my god, i married a weirdo.

Addendum, Part Six (Chicago P.D.)

Title: Addendum

Chapter: Ready For This (Part Six)

Fandom: Chicago P.D.

Rating: K+/PG

Author’s Note: Apologies for the delay in updating. I had a couple of people ask across various social media platforms ask if I plan to address particular episodes and the answer is, yes, I do. The plan for this series is to write a oneshot for each episode of Season Three. This oneshot picks up immediately at the close of 3x06 with Erin and Jay leaving Molly’s together.

I’m ready for this; there’s no denying. I’m ready for this; you stop me falling. I’m ready for this; I need you all in. I’m ready for this so, darling, won’t you hold my hand? – “Hold My Hand” by Jess Glynne

The arm draped over her shoulders feels surprisingly light given the strength she knows he posses, and Erin reaches up to assure herself that his arm is still pressed against her. Her fingers wrap around his wrist tugging him closer, placing his hand against her chest so his fingers skim the top of her breast through the fabric of her jacket. And she can feel the steady drumbeat of his pulse against her fingers as she curls his hand around his wrist and then against her shoulder through the fabric of his jacket when she leans into his chest.

Erin’s smile deepens when she feels Jay’s nose brush against the side of her head, and she doesn’t need to look up at him to know his lips are breaking out into a wide grin because she’s doing the same. Jay may have jumped a few steps, skipped right over holding her hand, but this – kissing in Molly’s, his arm slung over her shoulder – feels right. Feels a little bit like a dream when he presses his lips to the side of her head; feels a little bit like reality when the front door of Molly’s is pushed open and the cool October air hits them.

The intersection in front of Molly’s is practically deserted, but most of the street parking has been snagged by the firemen, cops, and doctors that frequent the bar. And there’s a momentary pause where the two of them stand on the steps of the bar – Jay’s arm still looped over her shoulders – and where Jay seems unsure of which direction to steer them both in. His eyes dart from left to right down the street, from where he knows he parked his car to where she might have parked hers.

And Erin bumps her hip against his to get his attention flicking her gaze down the street towards his car and raising a single eyebrow in a silent reply to the hesitant look in his eyes. She was serious when she said she had come down to see if he was there. Erin had circled the block pretending to look for a better parking spot; let the guy driving behind her think that she had zero confidence about her ability to parallel park. When, in reality, Erin had been looking for his car  – or, the yellow and blue New York license plates his brother had yet to switch out because maybe they carpooled down here together – and she had parked her sedan right behind his a little ways down the street by design.

There’s a lightness in her walk as he guides – or, maybe she drags given the way her hand still clutches his wrist – them over to his car, and Erin’s smile widens further into a chuckle as a stupid and silly thought about this being what walking on Cloud Nine feels like crosses her mind. She doesn’t believe in that kind of stuff – the romance novels and the chick flicks – but it’s hard to shake the smile on her face or the laughter bubbling forth as Jay’s lips skim against her head one more time.

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