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Here’s Michael at the foul line, the shot on Ehlo.. GOOD! THE BULLS WIN IT! THEY WIN IT! 

 In honor of the 26th anniversary of “the shot”, relive one of the greatest moments in NBA postseason history as Michael Jordan hangs in the air to knock down this classic series-winning shot over Craig Ehlo during the 1992 NBA Playoffs! [x]

Are you insane? Antonio Dawson x Reader

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Pairing: Antonio Dawson x Reader

Warnings: Mention of Sexual Assault, mention of death

Summary: The team are in a crime scene and hell breaks lose

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Author’s Note: Considering writing part 2? It’s probably going to be the dinner scene. If you want a part 2 let me know! 

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The first few weeks working in intelligence was chaotic, but coming from the very problematic narcotic unit, it wasn’t something Y/N couldn’t handle. Even though she knew Rusek and Atwater from the academy, being the new girl wasn’t easy.

Y/N was transferred by Voight requests, but only he and Halstead and Rusek knew the real reason of her sudden move of unit. Narcotic was dark and ruthless; they didn’t care for justice, they only cared for money and power. Y/N was the only woman in the unit and at first she wasn’t worried about it, but when the hands of the sergeant had gripped on her wrist and pushed her up against her desk; she knew it was trouble. No one else was in the office, but her cries weren’t enough for someone to hear down the hall. His dirty hands tore her jeans open as his lips sank into her tore up white shirt.

When all the sudden Detective Halstead and Rusek had barged in the office right after they heard Y/N’s cries and pleads. It was a casualty; they were only there to get some information about a drug dealer, but they found something else. The sergeant had pushed her aggressively from his tight grasp as the two men had rushed in with their weapons in hand. The situation spoke for itself, Y/N was thrown on the floor with her clothes ripped open while a stream of tears ran down her cheeks as the sergeant stood only a few feet away from her. If it wasn’t for them, God knows what could’ve happened.

Months had passed since the incident in Narcotics, but nothing was stopping her from going further into her career. “Good morning.” Y/N smiled happily as she walked in the office with her usual cup of coffee in hand. Voight nodded back at her as he quickly got in his own office to settle down his things as Erin sat on the corner of Y/N’s desk, waiting for her.

“Good morning to you, you look way happy today.” Erin teased, knowing the reason behind her glowing smile. “How was it last night?”

“I thought that by the fourth date he would’ve dropped the gentlemen act, but mija he’s amazing.” Y/N began as she settled her things on her desk. “I invited him over tonight for dinner and I’m nervous as heck.”

“Nervous for what? Another date with mysterious man?” Halstead interrupted, stealing Y/N’s coffee and sitting on his desk across hers. Y/N protested for her stolen coffee but she knew he wasn’t going to give it back anytime soon. “It’s been what? Five months? We need to meet the guy and have a few drinks together.”

“Talking about your boyfriend?” Rusek joined in the conversation as the rest of the team had already filled up their usual spot in their desks. Y/N rolled her eyes at them as they kept talking on how they needed to meet her boyfriend.

Their teasing only lasted a few minutes before Voight had interrupted with a new case. Arriving at the scene, it was full of reporters, neighbors and a sea of cops surrounding the area. It was all about a gang war, two men that belonged to one of the gangs laid flat on his chest lifeless with his gun still in hand while the other only laid on his back a few feet away from his partner. The rest of the gang members had driven away once the rain of bullets had stopped. Only leaving a tragedy with families aching over the loss of their children who were just innocently playing with each other when the heartless gang members had decided to take their lives.

“I hate these types of days.” Y/N admitted as she stood beside Erin while the forensic team were working on the scene. Erin nodded in agreement as she was too scared to speak up with a knot on her throat. From a far, Voight stood with the state’s attorney’s office, Peter Stone and Antonio Dawson. Y/N ran her fingers through her tangled hair as she avoided Dawson’s eyes from the other side of the crime scene. She didn’t want to be too obvious.

“He should keep the staring a minimal if he doesn’t want anyone to suspect a thing.” If Erin had noticed, she couldn’t imagine who would notice as well. “He’s the one who wanted to keep the relationship private, at least he could pretend he doesn’t know you a bit better.” She added, nudging Y/N with her shoulder for her to leave the topic as Jay jogged over to the pair.

“I guess the state’s attorney’s office has an open case with one of the gang members who was killed. He got bailed out- “

“And now he’s dead.” Y/N finished for him, crossing her arm as the chilly Chicago wind hit her all of the sudden. “I’m going to get my jacket from the car.” She walked away from both Jay and Erin as she made it towards the tinted car across the across the street. Her eyes roamed the crowd as she spotted a mysterious beaten up car coming their way rapidly. It’s when she saw the guns being pointed towards the crown that she reacted. “Everyone down!” She shouted, removing her gun from her side as the other cops in scene tried to shoot back at the upcoming car.

“Y/L/N! Move!” Voight shouted when the car wouldn’t stop. She knew the speeding car would crash into hers and Voight’s van since their cars were the ones blocking the crime scene. The car only increased its speed as the passenger had switch for a bigger and longer weapon. “Shit.” Y/N cursed, as she tried to find cover somewhere else that wasn’t her own car.

With her head down, she looked for cover but the only place she could run to was on the other side and it was basically suicide. Opening the back door of the car, she stood on the edge of the seat as she placed her elbows on the top of the car as she tried to shoot the tires of the car before it caused anymore mayhem.

She could hear her team shouting from a far for her but she managed to shoot the left tire of the front of the car, only for the car to lose control and crash into a fire hydrant a few feet away from her. A group of cops had run over to trashed car, surrounding it as the two men stepped out of the car with their hands up. Her heart was hitting against her chest rapidly as the adrenaline washed away slowly from her veins. She knew the amount of trouble she was in, but she ran her shaking hand through her hair as she was still standing on the passenger’s seat.

“Are you insane?” Dawson had grabbed Y/N by her waist and pulled her down to her feet. She acted recklessly and she knew it, but she didn’t need to be told off, especially him. “I swear to God; Y/N you are going to kill yourself one day or someone else if you keep doing these foolish things.” He continued to argue as his hands were still placed on her waist.

“And you’re the one to talk.” Y/N angrily barked back, removing his hands off her as she caught the rest of the team staring at them bickering.

“How do they know each other?” Jay questioned, as Rusek and Atwater shrugged.

“You guys are idiots.” Erin rolled her eyes, knowing they would catch on at any moment. When Antonio caressed Y/N’s cheek before pulling apart, the guys looked over at Erin in realization of what Dawson and Y/N had.

“I’ll see you later tonight?” Dawson sighed defeated, he didn’t want to argue in front of his old team as they made their way towards them. Y/N thought about it, she wanted to cancel but she simply nodded quietly. “Don’t do any more reckless things, please.” He pleaded, pressing a quick kiss on to her temples.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on her.” Erin reassured Dawson, resting her back on the car. After saying all his goodbyes, Antonio left in his own car with Peter on the passenger seat waiting for him. “I hope you make it alive tonight for your dinner date because Voight is boiling.” Erin pointed out, as an angry Voight marched his way towards Y/N.

Her first time disobeying orders, and she was sure that Voight was going to scold her for the rest of that case.