chicago race riots

Jay Lynwood This is being made for all the assholes who are trying to claim white Americans have never had riots out of anger. So here’s a list of my favorite American made riots. Enjoy! Black wall street, Chicago Race Riots, Greenwood, Knoxville, New York City Draft Riot, red summer, Rosewood Massacre, Tennessee Race Riots , The East St. Louis Massacre, Tulsa Oklahoma bombing, Washington D.C. Race Riots GREENWOOD, OKLA.: THE BLACK WALL STREET: In the early 1900s, African Americans settled in Oklahoma, seeking employment and other opportunities in the rich oil fields. Greenwood, part of Tulsa, became home to thriving black businesses – decades later earning it the moniker “Black Wall Street.” But in May 1921, Greenwood faced escalating racial unrest after a young white woman accused a black man of rape. The man wasn’t charged, but that didn’t stop a white mob from burning down Greenwood, the site of the worst race riot in U.S. history. ROSEWOOD, FLA.: A MASSACRE THAT WON’T BE FORGOTTEN: Rosewood, established in 1870, was the site of what could be considered one of the worst race riots in U.S. history. By 1915 it was a small, predominantly black town – with a population of just slightly more than 300. On New Year’s Day in 1923, a young white woman claimed that a black man sexually assaulted her; Rosewood was destroyed by a band of white men searching for the alleged suspect. The number of those killed is still unknown. THE East St. LOUIS MASSACRE: In 1917, Roving mobs rampaged through the city for a day and a night, burning the homes and businesses of African Americans, stopping street cars to pull their victims into the street, and assaulting and murdering men, women, and children who they happened to encounter. A memorial petition to the U.S. Congress, sent by a citizen committee from East St. Louis described it as “a very orgy of inhuman butchery during which more than fifty colored men, women and children were beaten with bludgeons, stoned, shot, drowned, hanged or burned to death—all without any effective interference on the part of the police, sheriff or military authorities.” In fact, estimates of the number of people killed ranged from 40 to more than 150. Six thousand people fled from their homes in the city, either out of fear for their lives or because mobs had burned their houses


On the outskirts of Philadelphia this is what we’re learning in high school History class.
I also did a presentation that was assigned to me about the Chicago Race Riots and damn that is way too relatable to Mike Brown wtf…..

We also we’re learning about queer history earlier this week and i wrote down queer history for the first time ever in a class and I felt so good.


Chicago Race Riots 1919. Two white men beat this African-American man to death and didn’t bother to flee the scene as police arrived to investigate the incident. After WWI, racial tensions in several large US cities erupted into what became “The Red Summer” due to job competition, African-Americans’ newfound sense of independence from social changes during the war, and an increase in urban African-American populations due to the Great Migration.