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#Headstands and #backbends after teaching pole dance and tricks class. My goals is do this comfortably and to get my feet on the ground without heels. #pole #poledance #Poletricks #stilettodancestudio #stilettoaddict #StilettoArmy #StilettoGirl #sexy #dance #confidenceissexy #chicago #chicagopole #poleflow #blasian #blackgirlspole #kimbopole #flexy #flexible #strong #heels #letsgetflexy #flexfriday (at Stiletto Dance Studios)

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The Cell Block Tango done on pole.

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Another bombarding! BUTTTT!! (Just popped in my head after my last msg) Harry's POV during and after the fight and then his convo with Cam when he sends him home! (Sorry I'm just in love with TWG and would die for more, whatever it is!) 💜💛💚💙


Harry looks down at the floor, back up at Louis, the insecurities coming out before he can stop them. “I don’t always know how you feel about me.”

The looks Louis shoots back is downright menacing. “You must be kidding.”

“No,” he says softly, “I’m really not.”

“I have been nothing but honest with you from day one,” he sneers. “Do you expect me to trip over myself for you, like everyone else does?”

“No,” Harry replies honestly, “never. That’s what I like about you. That you never act a certain way around me.”

“Then what are you trying to say?!”

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This mornings #Poletricks class at @stilettodance. I taught this fun combo. #Torpedo into a sit and spin. I was in the move to get dizzy. 😝 #pole #poledance #poledancenation #chicagopole #chicago #sexy #strong #sexywoman #StilettoArmy #stilettoaddict #stilettodancestudio #fitness #fitgirls #fitchicks #blasian #blackgirlspole #unitedbypole #athlete #kimbopole #kimbology #poledancer #poledancersofig (at Stiletto Dance Studios)

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The Bertrand Goldberg designed North Pole Ice Cream Shop, 1938, River Forest, Chicagoland.


“The North Pole mobile ice cream store was a building on wheels. The entire store was portable and was designed to sell ice cream in Chicago in the summer and Florida in the winter. Its glass walls and cantilevered roof were suspended from a mast anchored to a truck chassis, a part of the building.”

yes yes hetalia is a webcomic where nations are characters, and obviously seen multiple times throughout, nations feel a connection to their people . 

but what is a nation in hetalia? are we talking purely by an ethnic sense or a civic sense? is germany germany for those of german ethnic lineage or those who have german citizenship. geographical maybe? but what about those nations whose borders have shifted drastically throughout history like hungary. is she still the nation of those ethnic hungarians in romania and other countries? this would interestingly take into account groups within countries who do not consider themselves to be a part of the nation. some scots living in the uk do not consider themselves to be british. how would england/britain feel toward those people? 

is it purely through how human self-identify themselves? one can be of spanish, moroccan or chinese descent and be british, french, or swedish by means of citizenship and being born in or living in that country for a specific amount of time.

is it a combination of all of these factors? ah but you would have to take into account countries like the united states, whose population, apart from 1-2%, is not indigenous within its borders. would the countries from which these us citizens have knowledge of these people? would this connection fracture after a few generations or after the descendants no longer feel a part of the home nation? would poland feel connected to poles in chicago who maintain linguistic and cultural ties or anyone of polish descent even if they feel no connection to poland at all?

hetalia is all very interesting and leaves much to be answered….




My first attempt at this flip 😝 il clean it up but at least I landed on my feet haha #pole #Poletricks #StilettoArmy #StilettoGirl #stilettoaddict #stilettodancestudio #kimbopole #chicago #chicagopole #blackgirlspole #blasian #polefail #poledancer #poledancersofig #confidenceissexy #sexy #strong #unitedbypole #poledancenation #poledancecommunity #lovinglife #poleflip @stilettodance (at Stiletto Dance Studios)

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Playing with the #Slowmo on my phone 🙅🏿 #chicagopole #chicago #fitgirls #poledancecommunity #poledancersofig #pole #polefit #poledance #poledancer #lovinglife #kimbopole #kimbology #sexy #confidenceissexy #StilettoArmy #stilettoaddict #stilettodancestudio #blackgirlspole #blasian #poletricks (at Stiletto Dance Studios)

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This is the tweet I sent to Sophia Bush in response to her tweet about the Linstead road trip being canceled:

I don’t understand or condone the hate towards Derek, anyone connected with CPD, or inter-fandom wars. But I do think “slipped out in an interview” vastly mischaracterizes the situation.

Derek mentioned this road trip back in October and has hyped it up in nearly every single Q&A since. It’s been mentioned in interviews with Michael Brandt and with the cast. And we all got really excited about the possibilities.

And we rolled with the punches when Derek said Jay’s backstory wouldn’t be addressed during the road trip and said it would be “fun” instead. We accepted that it was pushed back from 3x15 to 3x16 to 3x17 because, hey, producing a TV show is hard and Chicago winters don’t make it any easier. And, yeah, lots of fans (including myself) were upset about those decisions, but we collected our “chill” and got pumped about what we were promised. And now we’re not getting that.

That’s why we’re upset. We’ve had multiple things promised to us only for them to be dropped. And I’m not just talking about Linstead and their roadtrip, but Antonio and his gym and his kids, Atwater’s issues with Whittaker and that cop’s son he bounced out of jail only for the guy to re-offend, what happened to Mouse and Jay over in Afghanistan, Al and Michelle, Bunny lurking in the shadows. There are so many great storylines that get set up only for us to be told to hold on, that it’ll be addressed next episode or next season.  

And I get that things have to be moved around. Your tweets awhile back about 10-12 minutes of footage being cut every episode was very enlightening to me and clarified a lot.

But these storylines are the reason why I keep coming back to CPD. Because there are so many cop/crime dramas out there, but CPD is the only one where I care about ALL the characters. And getting to know these characters, their backstories, their home lives makes it clear why it’s important for them to solve the case and have backup and have the support of their community as cops.

So I want to see them, and I get excited when Derek promises things like the road trip because it’s an opportunity to get to know more about these characters. Because it’s so interesting to image how Erin and Jay are gonna be after everything that’s happened before the trip – Jay’s reaction to Ethan in 3x07, Erin going in without back-up in 3x11, Yates returning in 3x14. I talk about the possibilities for drama and angst and excitement with my friends online and offline, with my parents (who introduced me to this show).

So, yeah, I and other fans get disappointed after FOUR months of imagining this and of being promised this only to be told that it’s not happening. And I’m sorry that some people expressed their disappointment without being respectful about it. That’s not cool. I wish people wouldn’t do that.

But I also think many of them have valid points and only want to be heard because we, too, want you guys to make a great show so you can be on air for a long time.

Because we want to see Linstead advance as a couple and as partners, Burzek patch things up, Antonio make a go of it with his gym and his kids, Atwater make those connections he needs to advance in his career, Erin finally deal with the grip her mother has on her, Mouse and Jay share about their time in the military, Olinsky foster a relationship with Michelle and repair one with Lexi, Plouch get married, and so forth. So I can celebrate when they make it home after the case they’re working got really dicey or when they react a certain way during an investigation because I know about their home lives and I know where they’re coming from. Just like you know about the real life cops you work with.