chicago picture

broadway songs that can resurrect me

-bitch of living

-ring of keys

-i’m breaking down

-my shot

-the origin of love

-no good deed

-you will be found

-cell block tango

-maybe this time

-i’m here

-what the heck i gotta do

-we ain’t no cheerleaders

-monica’s song

-holding out for a hero

-finale, in the heights

-angel of music

-tomorrow is a latter day

-sweet transvestite


each house musicals



Rocky horror picture show


can we take the SNL Chicago parody one step further...

And now…. the six merry murderesses of Studio 8H, in their rendition of.. the Cell Block Tango:

“He had it coming..”

“I fired two warning shots…into his head.”

“You know, some guys just can’t hold their arsenic.” 

“He ran into my knife. He ran into my knife ten times.”


“It wasn’t until later when I was washing the blood off my hands, I even knew they were dead.”

“He saw himself as alive, and I saw him dead.”

basically it’s Twin Bed but with more murder.