chicago perfect 10

Chicago Perfect 10 Mile

Ran the Chicago Perfect 10 Mile race today.  I really enjoyed that it started/finished on Navy Pier. Great medal - love how the zero has the Ferris wheel in it and spins!

The goal for this race was to run faster than we have been training but to keep ourselves paced so that we did not overdue it at the start. 

All in all I am very pleased with these results and having an avg moving pace down to 13:31.  Note I am not paying as close attention to the avg pace as we were stopped shortly into mile 9 on a bridge that was being raised to allow tall sail boats and other ships to pass under it. 

(This was the final boat going thru, and that is Navy Pier off in the distance)

(That is the bridge raised and some of the many folks who ended up being gathered here waiting for it to lower so we could finish the race).

It was so hard to have to stop that close to the end (you can feel muscles tighten up) but then after the bridge came back down we pushed and tried to make up for some of the lost time as we knew we didn’t have too much further to go.

Also they bill this as a 10 mile race but I started and stopped the Garmin dead on today and it was clearly a bit longer than 10 miles almost 10 and a quarter really. 

Now its time to give the legs some rest in preparation for race number two tomorrow.  The Red Eye run here in Joliet - which is an 8k. 

Today is one of two rest days before the double races this weekend.

On Saturday I am doing the Chicago Perfect 10 mile race - which starts and ends at Navy Pier. A large portion of the race is the same route as the Monster Dash Half I did a few weeks ago but I never tire of getting the chance to run along the lakefront and skyline.

Then on Sunday I am doing the final race of a series of 3 here in Joliet, this one is the Red Eye 8k. This was my second ever race last year and the first in which I received a medal. So it will be cool to have officially completed a full year of races this weekend.

And speaking of medals - this means I will add two more to my growing collection this weekend.

The next medal after these will be for the Walt Disney World Marathon in January - crazy to think how fast that is approaching in the big scheme of things.

Anyway back to the rest day - even though it can be a chance to sleep in a little longer in the morning, today I got up early anyway as I am on a mission. Outside of fitness/running I am also trying to make other changes in my life.

I am trying to challenge myself and spark my creativity once again. I was recently reminded that I really do have talent but I let myself get rusty along the way. I would love to figure out a way to get into the creative and it dawned on me that the only way that is going to happen is with practice/training. I thought about how I am doing all of this training/miles to be a runner, and I saw others committing to running everyday for “x” number of days. So I decided to carve out time each day to do something creative. To start I am going back to the basics and drawing. My free hand skills are still pretty good but need some fine tuning and I am really enjoying the process and learning from my mistakes. Today is day 3 and once I get a little better I just may post some of what I have been working on.