That’s a WRAP on the #OneChicago convention! Thank you to all our fans. It was cool to get to meet you all & hang out! And, I am touched by the beautiful gifts you brought me. 😍 #bestfansever @empireconventions#squadgoals #fangoals #twitterfriends#tiredbuthappy #pari #photobombed#nextconventionplease#wellalwayshaveParis @oseiduro

by Marina Squerciati  

don’t keep it all together. [linstead oneshot.]

- Hey guys! Sorry it’s been awhile, I needed to make sure this one did the prompt I received justice. Thank you @snufflesandfluff for the idea and I sincerely hope you all enjoy and let me know what you think! (Jay tries to deal with PTSD while Erin is in New York.)

[there’s mention of death and injuries from war so just a fair warning it’s kind of dark!]

She’d been gone three weeks now. Three weeks in the Big Apple with her nice new, hopefully cushy job and with her hopefully kind and welcoming boss and with her hopefully significantly larger paycheck.

He wanted the absolute best for her, he did. There wasn’t a doubt in his head that he did but there was that nagging feeling in the pit of his stomach that he needed her to come back, because the nights were getting longer and darker and his sleep was getting to be less and less and the only thing that could bring him any semblance of comfort anymore was a bottle of alcohol when it used to be her hands and her lips and her tongue and he seemed to be going backwards in all the progress that he had made in going to therapy and in talking to other struggling soldiers and he really, really hated himself for that.

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This is our Linstead picture! We initially weren’t sure they would accept posing with the signs (the staff specially said they weren’t doing any other poses that hugging) but we showed the signs to them when we got in the booth and they were like “yeah okay let’s do this”. I’m still waiting on the HQ pictures from this weekend, hopefully will see the signs better then!

Don't mess with Chicago convention

I’ll be posting all my photo ops from the con later today if you can bare with me :) I’ll probably also do a post about what I gathered from the PD panel in case anyone missed my livetweet!