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chicago gay pride by kelleysloot

Cancel your order for another graphic tee. Festival fashion for men just got an upgrade.

RompHim. Get it, like a romHER, but now for him. They’re so funny and awesome at the same time, they just have to be worn. They seem like a joke but I’m fairly serious about getting guys to wear these. They’re perfect for a festival, and will stand out as a unique look for a brave guy!

The kickstarter page has reached it’s goal, so it’s safe to say production will begin soon. Their page says they’re made in Chicago, and will always be made in the US no matter what. 

You can make a pledge on their site to get your own. For $95, you can get one RomHim and they’ll ship it anywhere in the world. Buy yours here!


seeing as the weekend is quickly coming upon us, i figured that it would be a good time to make a post in regards to airport etiquette and expected fandom behavior for all three of the events occuring. (2016 hallyu north, 14th korea times music festival + 2016 shinee fanmeet in chicago.) in regards to airport etiquette: people are always going to have varying opinions on it but, ultimately, fans are always going to try and greet their idols when they fly in to their home countries. in the grand scheme of things, it is alright to do this but it’s important to follow certain rules. all things considered, there above listed as not as much “rules” as they should be linked to common decency. i was originally planning on writing out my own post, but after i saw that the wonder admins at @shineecanada had whipped up their own last night, i figured that it would just be best to help spread their around their hard work. though it was written specifically for fans attending 2016 hallyu north, it applies to fans from anywhere. a link to the original tweet (which you should retweet if you can!) can be found here, along with a link to a .pdf document with a slight bit more information.

all in all: though it’s most likely that shinee are not going to have a lot of free time when in north america, we still want them to feel comfortable both at the airport and at the events they’re attending. it’s not just about leaving a good impression on them, but about making sure that they have a happy time in the short few days that they are here.


by Jill Hopkins with photos by Jesse Menendez

Danny Brown was in charge of the first full scale crowd of the fest, and boy were they glad to see him.  Danny hit the Green stage to an anxious mass of hyped up fans.

You know you’ve made it when the audience can do so much heavy lifting on the calls and response. Danny and DJ Skywlkr did not come to play, they came to slay. 

Jesse and Jill are hosts of the Morning AMp on Vocalo 91.1 FM in Chicago


I leave to Chicago in a week from Tuesday and I couldn’t be more excited!!! I will be on vacation with my best babes for a week! After many years of wanting to go to Chicago and lollapalooza it is finally happening. Honestly think I am most excited to be on vacation for a solid week from work. After working at my job for over four years this is the first time I am taking a full week off. MUCH NEEDED! Seriously cannot wait!

If anyone has any suggestions of places to see, restaurants, bars, bottomless brunches, or anything to do in Chicago please let me know!!

Prior to their Lollapalooza set, twenty one pilots were on a tour of Australia and SouthEast Asia the entire month of July flying back from Shanghai to Montreal before making their way to Chicago. The band’s Sunday performance at Lolla served as a sort of homecoming.  A homecoming that was not only about coming back into the States but also a homecoming with their second performance at Lolla. Watch the Lollapalooza fan’s welcome twenty one pilots home.

Video courtesy of Reel Bear Media and twenty one pilots