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Fighting with Mopey- Michael Latta

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Hey ya’ll! So here’s one for Latts! I love all three of the brobeans! 3-for-1 ketchup! Need I say more? I really wanted to work the ketchup into this one, but it didn’t work, so just imagine the ketchup is sitting in the fridge XD Anyway so this one is kinda angsty, but gets cute at the end! Hope you guys like it!

Warning: arguing, cussing

Anon Request: Hey can you do a Michael Latta imagine where you two get into a fight and you leave but he comes after you? Thanks!


              Rockford, Illinois was not where you expected to be a year ago.

              Then again you loved Mikey and would follow him anywhere.

              Like say LA. Then Rockford.

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