chicago missing dog


This is a super long shot, but I live in the Rogers Park area of Chicago and I found this sweet girl wandering the streets by herself. She has a harness and seems well cared for so I know she must belong to somebody. She’s super calm and friendly and came right up to me when I called to her. No tags, no collar, and I won’t know if she’s chipped until Monday. If anyone in Rogers Park area is missing this sweet girl, please let me know. Right now she’s hanging out with my boyfriend and I and seems to be pretty calm and comfortable.



Friend of a friend found this cute pup on Clark & Wallen.

The pup is unchipped, sweet and loveable and obviously belongs to someone.

Feel free to reblog to spread the word and get this doggie home, or you know, check out his Grindr profile. Whatever!

You can send me an email at kellydeal at gee mail dot com if you have any info, or leave a note for me on Tumblr, I’ll put you all in touch.