chicago makeup


Drag of the day: Eva Young!! 

Eva is a queen that is so immaculate that I want to cry in my crawl space. Look at that mug, absolutely perfect everytime. As well as outfits and accessories, coming together into a perfect ensemble. She is a Chicago queen (Chicago has some AMAZING as all hell queens) and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to catch her at Berlin or Roscoe’s Tavern! 

Follow Eva Young on instagram: @evayoung_

I’m loving how the mirror captures my beauty lol
Makeup used:
Foundation: Maybelline Fit Me! in Spicy Brown (338)
Eyeshadow: Shimmery Silver and Pink
(I have no idea what company sorry lol)
Eyeliner: Response Natural+ Liquid Eyeliner and L.A Girl Eyeliner in Smokey
Face: Nicka K Shimmery Loose Gold Powder
Lipcolor: Fashion Fair Laser Lilac and
Nicka K Matte Lipstick in Sky Blue (NMS10) with a bit of the shimmery pink stick

*Taken on my Samsung Galaxy On5**