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Around Chicago/CTA by Andy Masur
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Took some shot around Chicago yesterday including a couple of CTA stops


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Louisville & Nashville 797 and a Santa Fe passenger train at Dearborn Station in the last month before Amtrak took over most passenger operations in Chicago

April 1971

Photo by Lee Hastman

Purple line to the Orange line, Tuesday, April, Chicago 2017, pt 10

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A northbound L train passes a Standard Oil gas station at Glenwood and Pratt in Rogers Park in 1963.


Photo by Lou Gerard


NYC A-3174 6210 by Chuck Zeiler
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New York Central Railroad Lima-Hamilton A-3174 6210 at Englewood in Chicago, Illinois on March 14, 1965, Ektachrome by Chuck Zeiler. Built on order #1217-DE ( order placed February 6, 1950 ), construction #’s 9423-9438, for 16 1200 hp road switchers, delivered as # 5800-5815. Numbers 5800-5801 built August 1950, #’s 5802-5811 built September 1950, 5812-5815 built October 1950. The units weighed 247,500 lbs. I also found a reference to re-numbering in a book entitled, “Railroad Locomotive Rosters”, stating that the 5800-5815 series was re-numbered 6200-6215, classed as DRSP-5a, and that #’s 6200-6204, 6206-6209, 6212-6215 had steam generators removed and re-classed DRS-5a, T.E. 60,200, weight 240,800. In looking at photos of similar models from Lima-Hamilton, they have a single rectangular exhaust stack, oriented lengthwise on the hood, located forward near the radiator. This exhaust arrangement is not Lima-Hamilton, and I cannot find reference to an EMD re-engine job at Andre’s Serial number site, so perhaps this is a re-engine job by the NYC.


Caption: “A pair of photos of an interesting CTA fantrip 5-28-73, using all three classes of CTA’s PCC-derived rapid transit cars: 6101-02 (one of two sets of 6000’s that kept their original dual headlights), a 1-50 series car, and ‘Jitterbug’ articulated car 53. Seen here at Armitage on the North Side mainline.”


May 28, 1973

Purchased dupe slides, photographer unknown (collection of John Smatlak)