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Before: Part 8

I walk outside, worrying. Thomas, you’re extremely needy when your friends are gone, you know that right?

I walk over to the mailbox, opening it. A couple of letters, a random credit card ad, and a package from Joan and Talyn in Chicago.

I practically run inside, dropping the rest of the mail on the table. I rip open the paper, and there is a book, and a note.

I look over the note confused.

Thomas. I’m sorry Talyn and I didn’t send you something super interesting. This seemed WAY too important to wait. In this book, kinda like a journal, it has your, mine, and Talyn’s name in this an incredible amount of times. It also mentions Valerie several times as well. Not to mention, it talks about Patton extensively. Like, down to extreme details. Even gives a few addresses here in Chicago. I don’t know what to think of this, but I wanted to keep you updated. I’m sending it to you to see if you can make heads or tails of it.

I confusedly look at the book. It simply says “Journal” on it, with the author being “Logan Hodge”. That name sounds familiar…

I open the first page, and it seems to be a series of journal entries, small experiments, observations, and overall interesting and puzzling writings. It has my full name in it a few times, but Patton’s full name, last name and all, is on almost every single page.

The more I read it, the more confused I feel. Why are Valerie, Joan, Talyn, and I all classified as Primaries?

What even IS a Primary?

I eventually get to a part in the book which gets extremely confusing.

A “Side”, or part of a person’s singular personality, is extremely fragile. While studying Patton Sanders, I have begun to get more and more confused on the situation of having and/or controlling sides. Where does a side come from? How are they chosen? Why do some take the appearance of their host, while others do not? Are they truly sentient? Do these “personalities” have a more complicated undersides, or are they truly just a singular aspect, and, therefore, cannot change?

The data collected through Patton Sanders has been an incredible aspect within my research. However, as I only have one test subject, as Virgil and Roman do not appear to possess the necessary qualities for this experiment, this data may be flawed. I do not intend to do much to the test subject, or even to harm him. I simply need data to test one of my theories. And Patton Sanders is my key to success.

I read on, moving past some particularly well-drawn graphs to get to the next entry.

After observing the side’s behaviour, I have began to suspect that the emotional side may have a deeper side behind him. He isn’t quite what I originally thought, and Thomas has an extremely hard time focusing, unlike the others. However, some of the data suggests that Patton Sanders is somehow connected to the Primaries in an odd way. How is still to be determined.

Also, sidenote, Thomas focuses better when in an environment with less distractions. For next meeting, move to a quieter room or to a mindspace where there will be less distractions. Can I go to Thomas’ mindscape? Need to do scientific research on whether or not I can enter another person’s dreamspace.

I get concerned. I’ve never once in my life met someone named Logan Hodge, and I’ve most certainly never let someone into my mind palace. The only people who have been there have been me and my sides, and that was for a VERY short period of time.

The real question, however, is when and where did this person get this much time with Patton. Patton is like Virgil in a way. He doesn’t leave his “room” or other main areas of the mind very often. In fact, most people would be surprised how shy Patton is. It even surprises the others. He tends to over-exaggerate in the videos, but, same as all of the sides, really, he’s actually pretty chill in real life.

But, Patton has a hard time fully trusting people. He can make friends, but trusting someone with something important, like visiting his personal dreamscape? Even I haven’t been in there, and I’m his host. To my knowledge, only Virgil has been inside. And Verge doesn’t spill secrets.

So who is this person, and why were they so close to Patton?

elder price is gay: a novel

disclaimer: don’t @ me. as a Gay, i can confirm that some of these that may not appear Gay to the Straight mind, are, in fact, Gay. just be glad i didn’t post any of all-american prophet because that song is gay culture.

ratcity  asked:

prompt: an Angel falls to earth and they land in bumfuck America and the first place they go is a diner, bloodstained and singed, to have a shitty cup of coffee

five conversations between a waitress named maria and an angel, recently fallen

1. Maria hadn’t said anything when the woman came in, blood in her teeth and a purpling bruise on her cheekbone. She’d been dressed too warmly for the mild spring, a puffy overcoat that hid her arms, her whole body, all the way down to her knees. But Maria hadn’t said anything, not when the woman ducked into the diner’s bathroom, coming back with everything washed away but the dirt under her nails, not when when she wanted the table by the window, and a cup of coffee, just coffee. (Cream and sugar? Maria had asked, but the question seemed to confuse her.) Maria hadn’t said a word as the woman sat there, coffee untouched for hours, until it was almost closing.

She was still staring fixedly out the dark window, as though the coming and going of the truckers at the gas station next door were some code in need of deciphering.

Maria cleared her throat, making the woman startle. “We’re about to close the kitchen, did you want a fresh cup?”

“A fresh–oh. No, I don’t–don’t like the way it tastes.”

“Did you want to order something else?”

“No, no, it’s just–people are always ordering coffee. I thought it must taste…not like this.”

Maria was startled into laughing, and was gratified to see a tentative smile cross the strange woman’s face. “That might just be Jenny’s day-old roast. You probably ought to try Starbucks or something before handing down the final verdict,” Maria told her, smiling.

The woman had kind eyes. “I will.”

Maria looked at her for a second, then set the coffee pot down on the table. She slid into the booth across from her, and folded her hands together. “Look, it’s none of my business, but–if you’re in some trouble, I got a friend who works in Family Services, I’d be happy to call her for you.”

There was a flash of panic across the stranger’s face. “No, I–I don’t have any family,” she said carefully, looking at some point over Maria’s shoulder.

“Whoever gave you those bruises–”

“I fell.”

Maria’s heart ached. “Look…”

The woman frowned, her dark eyes searching Maria’s face as though trying to read the thoughts behind it. “No, I really did fall,” she insisted.

“Okay. Okay, just–I’m putting it out there. You should know there are options, you don’t have to stay.  Look,  I’ve got to get the dishwasher running, so…don’t go anywhere, okay? I’ll walk out with you.”

When Maria came back to the table, the untouched coffee was still there. Underneath was a twenty dollar bill, the edges very slightly singed.

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Champion out now in North America. Song will be up everywhere on Friday (midnight local). Also gonna drop something fun we shot tomorrow with the homie Post Malone once the song is out worldwide.

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